Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Season of giving..

Since Christmas is coming, thus I made up my mind about giving. 
I am a person who believes in 饮水思源.
And this year I hope to do something different.
Something and somewhere different.
Thailand it shall be and Rejoice Charity that is.

Think my cutest mum wrote wrongly lol

Really a big thank you to all my friends who had passed on their things to me. 
There are definitely too many to mention. 
God Bless You.

Remarks: Just to let you know that I do not do cash collection of any kind. All money spent on shipping are solely out of our goodwill of my family. And I am still doing collection for the second round to be send out hopefully after Chinese New Year so dear friends, if you still have donations of any kind (preferably clothes), please contact me. 

come join my SMB's group of friends who are also into this season of kindness

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