Tuesday, March 24, 2020

2020 March..

2020 didnt kick off quite nice so far. Coronavirus also know as #covid19 hit our shores as early as late January 2020.
We have been quite hiding at home since CNY period in fact. We were worried but did not panic. It is even more really scary to see how fear can consume one. Govt has been exercising many implementations, QO, SHN etc.

Today is 24 March 2020, even more additional implementations took place and all I can say, our daily routines are still good for now as govt focuses more on public management of crowd for now. So not looking forward to school closures really but it could be happening in a matter of time. Anyway in the meantime, take care everyone. Wash your hands more often, lessen on alcohol sanitizer as there was a report of someone had a third degree burn from lighting up the stove after she used a alcohol based sanitizer before she started cooking.

Covid19 is one thing, we still had to bring the kids out for the school holidays. We don't need a city shut down to tell us to contribute to our own economy right. So here we travelled to .. Sentosa for a 2D1N staycay at Festive Hotel.

Budget tourist on public transport. You will only see this in Singapore perhaps. And from home to the shores of Sentosa, we only took less than an hour.

Upon arrival, we deposited our luggage at the hotel concierge before heading over to have fun at Sky ride/Luge. Boy it was tough cos I was a scary cat and I had to tell Lil I that it is "very exciting" and we are like in the sky. Seriously I really try very hard not to look down. 

But the truth is.. one ride is really not enough.

After the ride at Luge, we had lunch and managed to check in around 3pm. Kids were still bursting with energy so we headed to the pool. Seems like most of the guests here are locals. Everyone seems to be especially nice and kind. I guess we all know that we are all going through a very tough period of this year indeed but we are all glad that we can still call this our home. #OneSingapore 

Day 2: we had to have our SOP breakfast at Slappy cakes after a staycay here in Sentosa.
Time was quite tight so we had to check out before heading to Trick Eye Museum.

And too many pictures to upload so simplied down to just one cute one.
And spot the clown. 
Happy moments always pass fast, dont they. Till the next staycay.
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