Friday, November 22, 2019

Bye bye Primary School..

Year 2014 P1 vs 2019 P6.

Blink blink and it’s fast forward 6 years.
From a cheeky little baby to a fine young man.
How much you have grown.
Pray for God to lead and journey with you in your this phase of your life.
Thank you for working hard and we hope you can get into your first choice of school.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Happy 5th birthday Lil I..

You are not that little anymore my baby. 
So happy that you are 5 years old but yet we can’t bear to see you grow so fast. 
How did the time fly past? Perhaps it didn’t fly at all, perhaps it zoomed. Perhaps time and tide really wait for no man. 
Mama is so proud of you that you are 5.
We love you so much. 
Hope you like the little party we has in school and the little macaron cake we has at home. 
Papa, mama, korkor and jiejie.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

{Review} Herbal scalp treatments at Bee Choo Origin..

As a mother of three, I have had my bad days of hair fall. Balding spots, grey hair, dry ends, oily scalp.. You name it, I got them (almost) all. And to take into consideration that I am not someone who don my hair often, I always blame it on the hormones. But do you know hair scalp care requires more than just hormonal attention..

But recently I was very glad that I was invited to Bee Choo Origins for trial herbal scalp treatments! So if you want to know more information about the herbal scalp treatment, look no further.

So here are some information for you to know:
Bee Choo Origins provides herbal haircare solutions and high-quality products since 2000. With great expertise in scalp care, their founder started out in 2000 providing herbal haircare treatments for a handful of customers experiencing scalp issues. Over the years, customers had seen the effectiveness and satisfactory results in our Herbal Treatment and words began to spread. Today, they have set foot in more than 12 countries. At Bee Choo Origin, our Herbal Paste are freshly made with all natural herbs and ingredients. Our herbal treatment not only helps in maintaining a healthy scalp, it is also beneficial for people facing several scalp issues such as

Their specially formulated Herbal Paste helps to unclog pores, effectively removing residues on the scalp. It provides abundance of nutrients to tackle these issues while rebalancing its PH level so that our hair can grow in a nutrient-filled environment.

Talk about pores on the scalp. Here is a glimpse of my scalp on my first visit. Warning: this is not a very nice picture to share but I decided to show it so that you can have a better understanding of the importance of scalp structure.

Here is a glimpse of my scalp on my first visit. This is a micro scalp analysis in which you can see the condition of my scalp such as size of pores, hair strand count, oiliness area and etc.

A simple interpretation of what is being presented was:
  1. oily residue on the scalp is visible
  2. single, double or triple strand of hair can be seen growing from hair follicles
  3. scalp skin is slight pink 
  4. spacing between each follicle is quite spread out
And to give a simple explanation of the above points:
  1. oil on scalp is normal but not good if its too much as too much oil might possibly clog up the follicles discouraging new hair growth
  2. double or triple strands of hair growth from each hair follicle is always better than single or none
  3. slightly pink scalp represent scalp skin might be sensitive
  4. a healthy hair follicle should have even spacing between them

And me doing my treatment at Bee Cho Origin AMK Branch

All I took was about 1 hour and 30 min and you will be assured that your tresses will be don in 5 of their most premium herbal paste:

Ginseng (人参):

  • Anti-aging
  • helps in new hair cell regeneration
Chuan Xiong (川芎):
  • strength hair follicles
  • resistance to breakage
LingZhi: (灵芝):
  • reduces itchiness
  • reduce risk of infection
Dang Gui: (当归):
  • regenerates scalp immunity
He Shou Wu (何首乌):
  • slow down grey hair reproduction
  • helps restore hair pigmentation
Ah.. if you are an avid traveller like me and still want to maintain your tresses with these herbal goodness, do get this travel kit when you go for your treatment. My favourite one has to be the Naural Hair Tonic spray as it really helped my hair fall issue! 

I am very happy to receive a set as this is my must bring item to bring for my trips.

You will expect:
  1. Purity Scalp Hair shampoo
  2. Purity Scalp Hair conditioner
  3. Natural Hair Tonic
  4. Damaged hair rebuilder
Don't touch your hair anymore.Do call them up to book an appointment at  Bee Cho Origin for your next hair scalp analysis and treatment! Let your beauty starts from your scalp.

One last thing!
So much goodness and you are probably concerned about how much it cost?

Easy on the pocket and good for your scalp.

Here are details of the branch that I went:

Ang Mo Kio
Blk 443 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
#01-1239 Singapore 560443.
Tel: (65) 6554 3003

If you need more info, please visit their website at
Bee Choo Origin

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Acquiring the Mandarin language.. reading and writing part 1

First mama provide some guidance in the 田字格 with  highlighter, then I just guide him with the three strokes, and viola.. he can write the word quite independently. 

Writing Chinese words is not about repetition, children need to understand 字体结构. Which is why I highlight the box with yellow highlighter. 笔画 is very important for writing! You can start exposing your child to 笔画 from 3-4yrs old. Writing can start when they are ready.

Remember when it comes to learning Mandarin, 听说读写 is the key to learning.
And when it comes to pencil gripe, I suggest you can expose your child from 3-4 year old. But as all children develop differently, I also suggest you can also expose them to the following activities to improve on their fine motor skills so it can help them in pencil gripe later on.

Some of the many activities
1. Sensorial play with boiled pasta or uncooked rice (from 6 months)
2. Sand or water play (from 12 months)
3. Threading with large beads (from 18 mths due to safety)
4. Squeeze pegs (from 18-24 mths)
5. Play dough - I made my own and they are for sale at my Etsy shop (search for adorablesco) - (from 18-24 mths)
6. Push pipe cleaners into cardboard with holes (from 12-18 mths)

Aren't you amazed at how young your child can start and build their fine motor skill?
Have fun!!

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Monday, July 01, 2019

Learning 听写 the visual way..

I'm writing this post with a heavy heart. Because my eldest had just made me very upset. Long story about that. Then with a very upset mind, I had to teach Dora Chinese spelling. And seriously I had to flare at her. Whether she is the one who triggered or not, it does not matter anymore. Anyway today I'm sharing a method for #teacherconnieactivities #visuallearners as it helped Dora in tackling her Chinese spelling with more confidence. 

I'm serious. This is Chinese spelling for Pri 1 kids. 
They have 8 words in total, some 汉子,some mixture of hypy and 汉子. And my daughter usually score 20-50 marks only. I’m not saying this is not good but i find it too complexing for a 7yo to handle. Don't tell me the "it's always like that" theory Cos I don't buy that story. But whatever the outcome is, always and also look at the process of learning. This is our first week using this square and line method for Dora. Hope this will help her find a easier way out to differentiate and learn her Chinese spelling better! Have fun trying!

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Monday, May 06, 2019

Happy 15th anniversary

The cutest man on earth and he is mine.
Did u do the poll on our IG stories?

Friday, March 29, 2019

All the way to Davao Philipines..

It seems so surreal that we are actually in Davao, Philippines for a swim competition. Short trip it may be but it is indeed an eye opener for the kiddos.

And all the parents who are here with the kids all have the same goal: support our kids in their passion.

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying."
Michael Jordan

Indeed. We should allow our kids try, fail and try again. Never say never.

Swim well my kids.
Love auntie Connie

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Didi to the rescue..

Lil I had been running up and down to check on the big bro as he is down with fever. He is a man of little words but times like this, I know he is worried and is showing his love for the big bro.
Little moments like this reflect the  big heart and so much love for the bro. And just when I'm typing this, thank God that the fever broke. #thankful #rayconniebaby #naturalremedy #badweathersucks

What a precious sight.

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Making every moment count..

Morning enthusiastic face!

Weekends post berries class

Looking at this little fellow will always reminds me to slow down in life. Life is short, childhood is even shorter. In many blinks, they will grow up.

God had made things happened and make them fall into place at His time. It's so amazing. Ever since going car-less, we had been learning how to enjoy the time spent together on our public transport rides.

Taking public transport to work is not difficult but lugging my two bags and Lil's I bag can be quite a handful. But he taught me we should just wake up a little earlier, take a slow stroll across the park to the bus stop and making new memories everyday. He will always remind me to be nice and patient if bus is late or not to get upset if bus is too crowded. A reminder of His words:
"with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love" (Ep 4:2)

Monday, January 28, 2019

Lil I’s drawing at 4 yrs and 2 months..

Sample of children’s drawing stages

Many see him as K1 but as he is October born, I still see him as a 4 year old. You can think it as I’m biased but I see it as developmentally appropriate. 

And here is his master piece at 4 years 2 months old

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Good 2019 ahead..

So many “first” to start this year with..

First reunion with preschool frd..

First time going to the same school together. 

First lesson with Berries..

First birthday gathering for the year..

First swimming competition for the year. 
What a fine way to kick start this wonderful year!
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