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Maintaining happiness as a mum.. Episode Travel with family.. Thailand Bangkok

And finally we travelled as a family of 4.. you may ask why only 4. Well it is because of one word: budget. 

I am not saying that it is impossible for us to travel altogether in my family of 5 but I will also put into consideration that I will want to bring along my helper with us as I cannot leave her alone in the house with my MIL (another story about that). Anyway.. since Lil I does not own a passport yet, we thought we might as well take the chance of travelling with the two bigger ones since we had a better budget this time. 

Booking was done about 6 months in advance in order to enjoy this good price. We paid $1650 for a family of 4 to the travel agency. This includes air tickets, transfer, accommodation and a half day city tour (which we should opt out of it actually).

Enough said, let the pictures do the talking..

Day 1: boarding the plane at 1210hrs

I would say Thai airways service was quite good.

Especially for a girl who had her maiden flight.

At the luxurious room at the hotel.
We stayed at Pratunam Centerpoint, the location is  very convenient. 
It is clean, comes with breakfast, has a pool to exhaust the kids' energy.

By the time we settled in and all, it was already close to late afternoon.

Our first visit to Big C. Yeah actually our trolley was much fuller when we did a check out.
And total damage: THB$5000+
Dont' ask me why and how.. but we managed to go back in a tutuk.

Then we had dinner at some restaurant.
so hungy and tired.

And someone has his first try at a THB$200 foot massage
He screamed ALOT.
So much that he asked for another round on the next night.

Day 2: Trip to Siracha Zoo 
Our  trip to Siracha Zoo also know as tiger zoo already occupied us up for more than half a day.
We managed to find an local agency who provides transport and entrance tickets.
I think we paid like THB$8K for transport and entrance for all of us.

I bet the cubs were all sedated.
Anyway.. kids find it so amazing that they had to take their own shot.

How can we miss out a jump shot?
Expenses at the Siracha Zoo was quite affordable. 
There is the animals petting section, animals feeding section and you also need money for lunch.
I think we spent less than THB$2000 there.

And soon it was lunch.. or was it dinner.. 
Whatever.. so we ate.. and we ate.. 

and eat and eat.. .
Bought from the make shift food stalls opposite Big C.

Day 3: At the half day city tour..
We were picked up at 8am (BKK time) for the tour that comprises of a boat ride, a temple visit and some walking around.

Family photo.

Day 4: Time to go home!

we basically only spent the morning at Platinum mall in the morning as we had to leave the hotel at 12pm for the airport.

there you.. 4 days of fun and priceless memories formed.
See you soon again Bangkok!

Count down to Pri 1.. ??

Hello.. we have been MIA for sometime for now as Mama Connie has been real busy. All mums are busy, its only a matter of time on how we manage and prioritize our duties in every single day. I am not giving up on this blog as I am so proud to say that this blog is turning 12 this year! Oh well.. here we are..

It just seemed like ystday that Isadore just started Pri 1 and come next year.. my little fatty turned skinny little girl is going to be Pri 1! Since when??

Here is a glimpse of her growing up..

8 mths old

 11mths old..

2 yrs old..

3 yrs old..

4 yrs old..

5 yrs old

6 yrs old..

Ok I’m sure Dora is all grown up and ready. But Mama Connie is not! You cannot imagine how fast this girl grow and how soon she is going to embark on this primary school journey.

I guess she is lucky as Isa can still accompany her to school as he will be in Pri 6 next year. But I reckon this Ms Gung-ho will not need much help.

So if your child is stil in preschool years and you are shouting help...? I think you really look into a lot more possible situations that are happening in primary school life. Children asking for stationeries, children asking for money.. or even children bullying your child.. And if you think Primary One is all about academic expectations.. think again. In another post, I will also be sharing with you on what you can / should prepare your child for Primary 1. And it will NOT academics we  are looking at. I bet you are not surprised.

In the meantime.. I still cannot believe my Dora is going to be Primary ONE!!

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