Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lil I is 3!!

Turning three is a big deal. 
So we had to dress him up like his favourite Blippi.

And then we all agree he is one blessed boy as our church uncles and aunties gave him this surprise birthday celebration. 

Happy birthday Lil I!
We pray that you will be a man of His words. Pray for His wisdom upon you.
You know we love you so much!
Love from Papa, Mama, Korkor ans Jiejie.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Review at Cake Avenue..

And so in a whiff.. September came and flew past. Being busy is an excuse so I decided to make use of the busy-ness a much more fulfilling one by spending more time with the family.
Anyway another year of September came .. and we were cordially invited to a food tasting session at Cake Avenue by a very dear friend of mine. The timing was so apt for the man of the da house.

And since it was a special month for a special one, I requested for a customised cake!

Isa at the door!

The menu already looked delicious enough!

Oh yes this is so important and I shall put this place at the top priority if I ever need a venue for my gatherings.

My little yet big boss looking through the special offer menu.

Dora looking thru the newly launched dessert menu!

And while waiting for Ray papa to park his car.. I walked around the cafe and so many beautiful sculptured cakes caught my eyes. Wonder how would our request cake look like?

Chloe.. you are one blessed girl to deserve such a beauty for your birthday.

And of course.. for that someone who is turning 40. 
Welcome to another peak of your life for mine is just a couple of years away.

This is dedicated to all you unicorns lovers out there!
*Aeroplane is model's own.

Or if you fancy your unicorns to appear in other colours.. Here they are..

Garlic bread with cheese.. yumssssss

And introducing to your their newly launched menu dessertssssssssssss

This new menu features 6 creations designed to mimic the look and feel of classic savoury diner foods such as hamburgers, corndogs, nachos and alphabet soup.. but yet it surprises the senses with delightful sweet and palette pleasing dessert instead! Apart from the 6 dessert items, you can also sample Cake Avenue's pre existing entrements such as Chocolate Sensation, Berries and White Chocolate and the Green Apple.

Alphabet Soup ($8.90)

Diner sliders and Fries ($15.90)

Lava Pops ($8.90)

The Great Con Dog ($8.90)

And this was our dessert!
The dessert that does not look like a dessert at all!

Nachos Dulces!

This dish certainly makes my day! Why? Because the combinations of crispy flatbread nachos packed with toppings such as chocolate mousse "refried beans", strawberry compote "salsa", julienned peach "cheese" and pistachio ice cream "gucamole".

I think this is enough for me to want more..!

And here is the very talented baker Chef E.T. behind Cake Avenue.

And my September baby with his customised Tottenham Hotspurs cake!

Oh and did I mention that Cake Avenue is certified Halal and they do delivery too!
Just click on the link above to know more!

You are welcome!

Please visit Cake Avenue at Cake Avenue’s new dessert menu is already available as of 1 September 2017 in their outlet at 33 Lorong Kilat, #01-01/02, Kilat Centre, Singapore 598132 (off from Beauty World MRT Station)

#Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby was invited to Cake Avenue for a personal food tasting session and we are were partially sponsored for this post. Cake order is out of our own. 
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