Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 #turning36 Part I

After being a mum.. it's always seems that our own well being will take a back seat. But somehow or rather.. is it because of age, I actually realize taking care of myself is also very important.

Perhaps just perhaps.. I am giving myself excuses. *sinister smile

Anyway here is what I have been doing for the past few days.. week.. or even month of celebration.

07/07/17 Friday
Starting Friday.. my school was closed for some training. Boy was I glad. My mood for celebration came like end of Thursday. The only thing that I was short of was literally jumping off in the air... I had to replace with skipping and hopping to the car after work and make sure that no one watches me from behind.

08/07/17 Sunday
Sunday and me in the legendary birthday chair. Spot me in my new short crop hair and sharper chin. I pray for everyone's good health and I grow wiser spiritually wth His words.

10/07/17 Monday
I dote on myself so much that I booked a staycation for me and my friends.
Alright! I'm getting myself disconnected.. bye for now!

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