Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summary of our 2017 June Holidays..

Is it just me or did this June holidays just ended in a blink of an eye?

Here are what we did..

Kids participating in our church's COOL Camp.

Isa fared quite well for his first 3D2N getaway from us. Though Dora did not stayed overnight but as she skipped her nap, she was a little cranky towards the end of each day.

And kpo me.. helping out at the popcorn booth at the camp carnival. Little girl was just more keen to hang out with me at the booth than with her friends.

 But I was glad that both of them enjoyed themselves alot during the camp. So much so that the camp song is still ringing in my ears.

Isa's swim camp aka rigorous swimming training

This was what Isa did in week 2 and 3 of the holidays. He was placed in yet another camp but this does not require him to stay overnight. I was only very happy to know that he was selected to join in the competitive squad wef from this year but just did not expect him to join in a official competition so fast! Think I am more excited than him. Just imagine he has to swim on an average of 4x a week. This is my little boy on his first 8 am swim class. I am only more than impressed that he did not whine or fuss when he is suppose to wake up like 7am on a non school day. Let's hope he can continue to be discipline in his swimming schedules and also in his school work.

Sick Lil I at home..

My dear littlest was quite sick during the holidays.. I suspect he gotten the bug from the sister plus the weather was horrible. Anyway the bug was quite persistent and so was I. I was very determined to use my Young Living essential oils to help him ease his cough. Boy.. so finally after 3 weeks of consistent oiling, he finally bade bye to the nasty bug that was in him. Email me if you wish to know more about my customized cough blends for they are available for sale.

Art Science Musuem

Love extended weekends when I can actually take leave on a Monday and Tuesday and planned for play dates with my friend and her kid.
And so on the Monday, I braved it out and brought the kids on public transport to Art Science Museum and we went to two exhibitions. 

I love jump shots!

In the Future+ exhibitions..
Out of the several times that I had been to the Art Science Musuem, this has to be one of my favourite. It is definitely kids' friendly. Just that I feel the dim lightings did made me a little dizzy at the end of it. You can be spending about an hour to two in just this exhibition alone.

One of the display panels where you can colour a certain picture and just remember to place it in the scanner so that your picture will appear on the screen! Can you spot the truck with DORA on it?

And so.. since we were near, visiting DC Cafe was a must! And the kids have to dig in the rainbow cheesecake, even before I take pic!

And we definitely had to go Hamleys too! My cute little Dora asked if we could buy this. I almost fainted at the price tag. 
"No mei mei.. maybe another time, ok?"

So in total, including taking public transport, we spend about 7hours outside. Imagine how exhausted I was. 

Downtown east

Be sure to patronize TWO WINGS at downtown east if you are there, I promise you will not just have one serving of their chicken wings.
Be it original, chilli crab or salted egg flavour, all are as delicious. Do look for owner Snyder and mention to him you are recommended by me.

One of the interesting corners of the Orchid Bowling Alley is the miniature bowling alley for kids.
Which kid can resist this?  

This is one of the latest shop that just pop up here. VR games for kids.. how cool is that?
Price was $3 for Dora's and $6 for Isa's. Quite affordable.

Laser Quest at Our Tampines Hub

And finally Isa had a chance to catch up with his classmates. Although it was a merely 2 hours over Laser Quest and dinner, it was good enough! Till our next date.

North East Zonal Swim Meet

This has to be the highlight of the month. All the intensive training are all preparing Isa for this event. And we had to be at the venue at 7 am.. Just imagine how early I had to wake up, even earlier than work. I guess I was lucky as I volunteered and I was assigned to be the time keeper for the event thus I was actually able to know and also understand how difficult it is to run an event. But good thing is that I was also able to witness how determine and strong the kids are, just for the competition!

Imagine one of the best records that I had tallied was 37 seconds for a 50m swim! How incredible was that? 

Just some of the squad members of Sapphire Swordfish.

Isa with his very "demonic" coach KK.
He is actually a very nice chap and I like the way he disciplines the kids for swim.

And hey.. backview of  my swimmer boy!

Just this morning.. on the last day of the June holidays.
So long holidays.. till the next round!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

My not so little girl..


tall and skinny, picky in eating, emo, feisty and sharp tongue in debating with me. Seriously?!!
Datz my #5yroldgirl and her new #passportphoto 

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