Friday, May 19, 2017

Throwback to 2017 March.. BKK trip with the sis

Throwback in March earlier this year, my sis and I had a girly trip to BKK! It had been such a nice trip.. no kids shouting "Mama~~~" is one thing.. I could also sleep until I woke up naturally. No stress over breakfast as our meal times were all haywired. Who cares right.. a vacation should be this way anyway.

Here are some photos of my trip.. 15 years from the last time I had been to BKK.. suaku or what. And so for a person who has not been there for 15 years..I booked a 4N trip and my sis laughed at me! In the end.. but I was as happy as a lark and my heart is so full .. and legs are so aching..

Day 1 loots..

Day 2 loots..

T Shirts loot..SGD$4 for a piece. how many do you want to get?

Day 3 loots..

Chaktutchak day loots..

This not so cheap tuktuk brought us around and left us stranded at some ulu place.. Thank God for google map. On a empty stomach and 2 lost sheep finally found the Boat Noodle!

One bowl was merely less than SGD1! How many bowls can you eat? But to warn you, this place is not easy to find.

We hit on Hello Kitty cafe by chance. 
It is just in one of mall by Siam Square BTS. Not difficult to find.

Pony Cafe is the one that was difficult to find. But it is walking distance from some BTS station.
To be honest, we did not have an itinerary. We jus had data plan on hand and just google anywhere we wanted to go.

We also went to Asiatique Night Market in which I did not find it that fantastic.
The things they sell are similar to what you can get from any night market with a very jacked up price. 

For only less than SGD$12 a person.. we had steamboat.. for lunch! Haha..

So sad to hear that BKK is not going to have any more street food wef from Dec 2017. I was glad I actually had a chance to still have my fair share before they really (hopefully not) close.

You cannot miss out on this fish maw soup from BKK chinatown!
Who cares about the price. Just eat.

And that was the guy who cooked our noodles for us. Damn nice chaotar smell. I could literally see that his hand was jus hovering above the fire. But he just don't seem to care.

Tip for shopping in Bangkok. Visit Big C the last because the stuff you get from there will definitely overload your luggage weight. Anyway there was free carton boxes outside Big C and so we sealed all our purchases - ready to head back to hotel then to the airport.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Newly inked me..

Been long.

Anyway if you now me.. This is not my first and definitely will not be my last. I hope I can maintain all these inked area under the light for as long as I can. I am sure the wild me will sure scream for some more revealation but in the meanwhile, let's just keep them under wrap for now.
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