Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Summary of 2017 Feb..

February 2017 had been a busy month for my family and I.
Not only it marks the end of the Lunar New Year, it was also a month of joyous celebration for my family. I shall use pictures to let you skim through what we were busy about.

Just one of the Saturday night when Ray Papa and I brought the kids out for movie and dinner. 
Lots of yummy food this month.

And then spending time with my girls for a birthday celebration for Chr with food and karaoke.. We sang till the crows come home kind of timing. 1 am was the time I set foot home. Been long since I did that.

Steamboat at Jpot on another Saturday night..

Fetching the kids one of the afternoons when I was on half day to run errands.

I had to buy flower petals and guess what is this cheeky one up to. 
Ray papa.. this is for you.

And we have come to the most important event of the month..

Wedding favours part I..

Wedding favours part II..

The ang bao box and the wedding album..

Tadah.. the flower petals..


You guess it right.. It is the glorious day of my sister.

Some snippets of the morning..

I love candid shots like these..

The flower boy and flower girl..

The enchanted moment..

What a blissful month, isn't it..
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