Monday, November 28, 2016

Busy November month..

This November has been a busy month for me. I guess you can see from the number of blog entry I have. Yes I do use this platform as a space for me to keep my memories down and also to mark down most of the milestones for the kiddos as they grow. Thus I will make sure I will make at least one entry per month.

Sometimes I cannot believe how fast they grow.
Picture taken on 30 Oct 2016.

Anyway here is what kept me busy for November 2016:

Isa - Mr Sporty Wannabe

swimming class on Sat as usual. Due to a Cat 1 warning, lesson was cancelled and coaches spent time to do static training.. which I thought was excellent. I am amazed at how much Isa has grown from a boy who was scared of entering the pool to someone who can dive right into the pool now. He can also swim 3 different kinds of strokes - freestyle, breast and dolphin (a simpler version of butterfly). There is no formal test in his swimming class which is what I like cos I feel sports .. the process is also very important. Just this year.. I suppose coupled with his longer swimming lessons, someone put on a hefty 5 kg and grew at least 5 cm taller. Like wow. dont ask me why. You can only ask me for the swimming instructor contact cos I believe I had already referred to 10 mums and all of them say this group of coaches are very good. Sorry this is a not a sponsored post either. Just my true felt words about this very commitment batch of coach.

Just one of those random Sundays afternoons in which Isa and I had a badminton date. We were fortunate enough to get this court complimentary as a kind neighbour passed on a slot for us. Hope my this eldest boy will be a sporty person just like Papa Ray.

Anyone spotted anything strange about these two pictures? The focus should be on Isa not the pretty girl opposite ok. See if you can spot it. Let me know in the comment.

Dora - Ms Role Play

The big sister at work.. simply gives her lots of opportunity to role play. 

Then she decided to be a dentist.. asking the lil bro to open his mouth and he happily obliged.

Now she become a manicurist for me.

My this princess dearest has been spending alot of time doing role play at home. Maybe a drama queen in the making.. I am not sure. In the meantime I think I just need to be less anal about the mess at the back.

And also Dora has been the kindest and loveliest sister on earth. According to the teachers in school, she spoilt her brother badly. She always want to carry or hug him. And make sure no one bullies him in school as he is the tiniest one in his class. For a 4 year old child, she never fails to amaze me.

Lil I - Mr Cheeky Drama Uncle

Loves Dora's rubber band,

Post halloween party dress up

To Harry Potter

To Mr Cool Man

To Mr Selfie

Papa Ray - out of town = I have been soloparenting for the month!

Mama Connie - busy as bee

my old engine overrun definitely need Young Living Ningxia Red to the rescue.

Taking free GrabCar rides whenever I am not driving.

Hitting executive in YL ranking.

Phew what a month it has been! And while we look forward to a fantastic December ahead. Look out for another giveaway soon! Stay tuned!

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