Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Maintaining happiness as a mum.. Episode Travel

Many a times, I guess after being married and after having children, our priorities will shift... I will be writing in other separate posts on how I maintain my own happiness even after being a mum.

And here, one of the many ways of maintaining my own happiness level is to travel. 

I do really have to count my lucky stars for I have been very fortunate to have a good boss who focus a lot on staff welfare.. So far I have been to Malacca, Perth and soon to Hongkong w my colleagues.

And this annual company trip always make people ask me this question," do you bring your family along?" I would happily reply with a sheepishly smile," yes we can. But why would I?" This is like a rare and golden opportunity for me to rest and relax without anyone shouting for like 1000 millions times of "mama!!" I know I will miss smelling the little heads but of course I know I would enjoy myself too.

No kids at all for a couple of days, I'm sure you will be happy to go too, right?

And so.. I'm packed for my trip.. 

So what's your way of maintaining your happiness after you became a mum?

Share with me.


"Mama.. Do you really have to go?"

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