Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Maintaining happiness as a mum.. Episode Travel

Many a times, I guess after being married and after having children, our priorities will shift... I will be writing in other separate posts on how I maintain my own happiness even after being a mum.

And here, one of the many ways of maintaining my own happiness level is to travel. 

I do really have to count my lucky stars for I have been very fortunate to have a good boss who focus a lot on staff welfare.. So far I have been to Malacca, Perth and soon to Hongkong w my colleagues.

And this annual company trip always make people ask me this question," do you bring your family along?" I would happily reply with a sheepishly smile," yes we can. But why would I?" This is like a rare and golden opportunity for me to rest and relax without anyone shouting for like 1000 millions times of "mama!!" I know I will miss smelling the little heads but of course I know I would enjoy myself too.

No kids at all for a couple of days, I'm sure you will be happy to go too, right?

And so.. I'm packed for my trip.. 

So what's your way of maintaining your happiness after you became a mum?

Share with me.


"Mama.. Do you really have to go?"

Friday, September 02, 2016

{Giveaway} Manicure/Pedicure giveaway at The Nailist City @ 313 Somerset

One can never go wrong with a giveaway and here we are go again! Yay to the owner of The Nailist City. 

And just for the mummies (or even daddies, if you are interested to win one for your wifey) out there.. whether you are FTWM (like myself), WAHM, PTWM or even a SAHM.. we all need the pampering session.. I see lots of head nodding away.. And so.. we are very honoured to do this giveaway of 10 individual sessions of manicure and/or pedicure at this new nail palour at 313 @ Somerset!

Nested in the hustle and bustle of the city.. 
Here is The Nailist City. Such a apt name.

And as I chit chatting with the owner, she said one of the reason why she shortlisted this place is that she hope to offer a place for shoppers to rest their feet.. and if they can rest, do a manicure and relax with a drink. Wouldn't that make your day? And I was agreeing with her while sipping my tea away..

The nice and cosy counter right in the front of the shop.
Prices are reasonable and do get your updates from their facebook.

The array of nail polish just for the pampering sessions.

Choose your drink on the house.
Such a small service yet tells alot about their kind gesture.

Very easy to locate the shop on Basement 2 of 313 Somerset.
I can't guarantee you a discount if you quote my name but I should guarantee you a complimentary session if you leave a comment*.

And there. My purple #frenchmanicure treat of the day.

Take a look at their nailart (which is option and payable on top of your complimentary session)

And a showcase of few of their amazing nail art:

Alice in Wonderland anyone?

Or an idea for the upcoming Halloween?

Mickey Mouse fan or not doesnt matter, right?
It's just too cute..

ok it's just me I know.

Chevrons is just an everygreen trend. Love the gold hue matching pink.

Or maybe somone is looking for simple yet elegant designs for a dinner or wedding perhaps.

Simple, bold yet loud chrome nails.

Perhaps mystery suits you more?

Or you prefer the naughty yet cute look?

Not the last but the least.. the one which reminds me that my holiday is coming up soon!


It is very easy to win. It is not compulsory to like/follow but we would love you to like all the pages before entering a comment. 

1. Like The Nailist City facebook
2. Like The Nailist City instagram
3. Leave a comment leavning your name and a valid email. Choose your favourite design and tell me why. Multiple entries are not allowed. Kindly note that my comment sections need approval.


Please read these fine lines before entering.
Giveaway will run from 02 Sept 2016 to 16 Sept 2016. Winners will be notified by email within 3 days by the end of the giveaway. Rayconniebaby and The Nailist City reserves the right to pick another winner if one does not reply to my email. Voucher is only valid for one month from the date you received as there will be a date stamp on your voucher. Nail art is optional and payable. Please do give them a call and make an appointment so that the staff can attend to you promptly. Vouchers won can only be used at The Nailist City branch. Details of your complimentary session will be stated on your voucher and it is up to Rayconniebaby's discretion to choose the selected complimentary service for the winners. Please do try to mention to staff that you have a complimentary session upon arrival and present physical voucher upon payment for verification.

Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby works with The Nailist City on a long term basis with no monetary compensation. 
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