Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tips on preparing for Pri School test/exams..

Hey it has been a while. I was so caught with work really. 

Anyway since this is the period for Continual Assesment (CA), I thought it would be good for me to share some tips on how to prep yourself and your kids for the primary school tests/exams. 

It's quite a sad fact to say that once your kid starts Pri School, reality does sinks in. You really need much more time to sit down and do work with your child. Be it daily work or doing assesment books. To be honest, I learn things the hard way. I used to be have the luxury of time when I used to check Isa's bag and homework every single day. But ever since I had Lil I, time is so tight that I decided to let loose of the reins. I will just check Isa's bag randomly and told him it is HIS job to do so. It took us quite long and many teary days. In fact, he is still not very good at managing his work and such but I decided to let loose cos I know he can't rely on me forever. But I know he is coping better.

And so my tips!

Tip 1: revise on a regular basis

Ask your child about he has learn in school. Say on a weekly basis. Revise this on a weekly or monthly basis rather than cramp everything in days before exams. Ask what are the techniques their school teacher has taught them. Don't be in a surprise if your child is able to tell you so many details.

Tip 2: set a routine to study 

Draw up a schedule or a timetable to make learning visual for your child. Most children are visual learners so it will make your life and their life easier. Here is ours..

And here is my calendar! Easy for a no brainer like me as I dislike keeping things in my head.

Tip 3: finding the way to rev the engine

Children are children. Or maybe it's jus my kid. He will never have the initiative to start his engine for revision. For him, setting him a schedule (like the above) is like his key to ignite the engine. 

And also I don't deny that I scold, yell and also hit my son when it comes to his work. Please don't judge me as we all have different parenting styles. I only thank my understanding Neighbour who can tolerate my occassion yelling. 

Interesting thing is once the engine starts for this young man of mine, he usually can bury his head into his work for a few hours, which is kinda sufficient for a day.

Tip 4: study together with your child

I always believe emotional support is a very important tool for all of us. Thus I will always try to revise together w Isa. I would look thru on what he is learning and in the meanwhile I study his Science guidebook and write out some notes for him to revise. 

It was 130am when I was doing this the last night. Yawnnn

Tip 5: sustaining energy 

I usually set a frame of 3 hours for revision. On a perfect day, Isa can do 2 sessions of 3 hours revision so it's usually  10am-1pm and 4pm to 7pm kind. 6 hours a day is a lot right? I know. Hahahahah *evil mum snigger*

Question is: how to sustain his energy and concentration? For Isa, mainly it's food and water but I also use Young Living essential oils on him before he starts his study. Do email me if you are interested to know which are the oils I use. 

It is only this year that I also give Isa essence of chicken in the morning, every single morning of exams day. I would think it kinda help. No brands preferred though. 

Tip 6: sleep early

On a normal day, Isa usually wakes 650am and will sleep 10-1030pm. But during this exam period, I will usually try chase him to sleep as early as 930pm. It is not visible but I know sleeping a little early will always allow him to have better concentration for the next day.

Oh well.. So this is my sharing. Hope they help you in this tough period. Jia you mummies!

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