Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Birthday month reflection I: Thankful for friends..

July is always the favorite month of the year for me for it is my birthday month. Since today was a public holiday so we took a chance of celebrating by having a gathering at my place w my favourite group of friends in which one of them is Ray Papa's god sis whose birthday is jus a day after mine.

There isn't much fanfare like those days where we would plan for birthday gifts accompanied by overnight karaoke session followed by first bus home. Now it's as simple as getting together and having a meal while the kids play together. 

Now it's just these kids who lead the day for us. And this was like one of the best shots for the day.

And anyone wanna guess what programme was on the tv that kept the children so intrigued.?

Thank you my friends. Am very thankful for you all who has gone a long with us.
We love you folks. Hope we can gather soon again.. Soon ah!

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