Monday, May 16, 2016

How to bring down a fever the natural way.. Suitable for babies and toddlers

Maybe not many of you might know but Lil I was bugged down by our most common hated enemy of all: viral fever.

You see it right: viral fever.

We all have that hair pulling moments with kids who fall sick, isnt it?

Imagine Lil I has fever on 3 occasions in 3 separate weeks straight. It's like fever for 2 days, recover.. A week later, fever comes again.. A week later, fever comes again. 
It was like a cycle we could not break. 
In fact last week his fever was so high (40.3'C) that we have to send him to the hospital to do a check. Anyway it was not even a thorough check. Eventually we made another visit to our GP on the next day and he was more assuring instead.

I'm not an expert but I believe many of us will try to use the so many methods we heard to bringing down a fever. Just to let you know I'm not here to offer you sure remedy, cure or treatment methods. These are just some alternative ways other than the fever medicine that I had used and it works for my baby boy.

Method 1: sponging with water dripped with essential oils
Sponge with water is normal but have you try to drip several drops in the routine of sponging?
I would recommend drip several drops of recommended essential oils into your basin of water for sponging. 

  • In Lil I's case, I use 3-4 drops of lavender essential oils, 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt in warm water bath. Try to let the water level be as high as his chest to have a better effect. You can purchase epsom salt in pharmacy such as Watsons or Guardian.
  • We also tried to sponge him with tepid water dripped with several drops of peppermint oil. 

Method 2: pressing on accupressure points

Press the digital nerves and meridians.
These points can be found at the sides of all your fingers.

One cycle is to do for all 10 fingers. Repeat as often as many cycles. I could only do max 2-3 cycles as Lil I will get uncomfortable and started to cringe.

Method 3: keep child hydrated. 

Always keep your kiddos hydrated in fever episodes. My GP ever told me before, the more dehydrated the child is, the fever might just persist longer. We literally feed anything that is feasible.. From water to barley to anything that is good. But we would avoid cold and fizzy drinks though. 

Method 4: applying essential oils on vital areas

My favourite range of oils for subduing the fever

Swipe off the bottle of these oils. You may wish to rub along the spine, chest and/or forehead of your child to help keep the temperature down or till fever is broke. You can apply one at a time, rest for a few minutes before you apply another or you can wish to layer them if you wish. Layer them in this sense means you can rub the essential oils one after another without much waiting.

In additional, it is also good to rub diluted Peppermint oil and/or Thieves oils on child's feet. 

Method 5: change of diet

Give more soft based food like porridge, rice with soup or even mee sua with a good soup base. Avoid greasy, fried, unhealthy snacks that will induced heatiness in the body. 

On a personal basis. I have had use all methods all together. It doesn't matter which order you put them in but as long as you are comfortable with using them, please go ahead. Many mummies can get anxious when fever don't break as fast as they expect. Remember whether medication or essential oils are not magic, you just need to be patient in using them. On an average, it might take 15-30 min for a fever to break if you try any methods to bring down a fever.

But like now after being a mom of 3: I would say I'm quite the chilled mum now. I always believe that if children are still active and alert: can play and eat kind, I do not actually feel so worried if the fever is under 38.5'C. And also believe in your instinct when it comes to the care of your child. 
Rather please do not hesistate to seek professional help for medical advice if you feel your child is more lethargic and feeding less than usual.

"Mama..let's fight the fever monster"
"Didi.. But I'm not the monster, I'm jus a Momster"

And after 4 days of consistent work, I'm more than happy to see my happy boy back in action!

Oops. No no it's not child labour. This is just a toddler who is imitating our daily chores. :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post from Young Living Essential Oils. I am a distributor (Member no. #1470400) of Young Living Essential Oils. Email me at should you have any enquiries. I will try and answer within my ability. All experience, opinions and sharing are of my own.

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