Saturday, April 30, 2016

What to do when your car is due for scrap.. Memories of xiaohei

You know the absence of some things make your heart ache. And losing you is one of them.

You are one of the most memorable things in our life as you came into our life  at a important time. Right after we came back from our honeymoon. You were there.. A black knight in shinning armour waiting for us to pick u up.

You were there at our wedding.. you were there since when I conceive Isa.. You were here to shuttle me for all the pregnancies to the doctor.. You were there to bring me home when I'm so tired after a long day.. You were there to bring me to my favourite places.. You were always there on every single occasion..

But after today.. You will not be here anymore as we bade our last goodbye to you at the scrap yard on 30/04. Tears welled up in my eyes a little. But I had to bit my lips hard and fight back the tears. I don't even want to think I bear to see you being scraped! I think I'm one of the silliest person in the world to be so emo over a car. Or maybe tell me I'm not alone. It had been a jolly good ten years.

We have been calling her xiaohei (meaning Blackie) all these while. And only recently Dora has been calling her Xiao hei hei.. I'm sure I'm not alone to bear sending xiaohei for scrap.

What a journey.

By the way.. Ever wonder what u need to do before u scrap a car? Here are the simplified step by step administrative work you need to do before you proceed to drive your car to the scrap yard. I would recommend you should do this about 2-3 weeks ahead of the last day in which your car is due for scrap.

1. Apply for a PIN at for scrapping  your car. You should receive this PIN in your mail in about a week or so.
2. Settle all outstanding payments of the car. You need to go to your financial company (whether it's the bank or other financial company).
3. Call them the next day to make sure they release this thing called Form B. This is a very important as this procedure might take DAYS...... We called the bank like 3 times just to make sure it is done.
4. Look for the appointed scrap yards on the LTA website. 
5. Documents to bring along when u surrender the car at the scrap yard. 
- identify card, your PIN and a form to scrap the car (you can get a soft copy of this at the LTA website)
6. Say goodbye to the car!! Rem take some pictures at the scrap yard!
7. You will receive a stack of documents from the admin at the scrap yard office to tell you how to actually encash your the PARF value of the car at the LTA website, a letter to cancel your season parking and etc. 
8. Mulled over the scrap car just like me :(

And here was our final goodbye.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A new milestone..Starting school at 18months old+

"Mama.. are you saying I am going to school soon?"

maybe if I pretend to be a princess, can I dont go?

Or is it a better idea for me to be a prince charming?

I think the teacher dont like if someone is too glutton right?

And I think I am too cheeky for school!

"Wait mama.. Did u say I'm going to school next week?"

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One day short of 18 months..

Actually lil I has been taking a few steps by himself since 14mths or so  but it was only until yesterday that our littlest one decided that walking is a new freedom!
I smell more trouble soon! 

Way to go my little one!

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