Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tween.. what?

Since the beginning of the year, I have a feeling that I am losing the grip with my eldest. I just could not pinpoint to what I was searching for. For a moment I thought I was being too harsh.. for a moment I think I was being too lenient.

Maybe it is the time that we spent were getting lesser, maybe he was getting less attention, maybe he was fighting for more freedom *gasp*.. 
whatever it is.. I know I am losing grip of this person in which I used to call him "the little man"..
Perhaps he is just showing budding symptoms of a tween! Like they always say that this man is a mature little man since from a young age.

so fast!!!

One of those nights at Daiso w the boys.
Love their matchy tees

At U Picnic about 3 weekends ago.

At legoland 2 weekends ago. Love it when the two of them show so much love for each other.

At the airport T3.

Slowly little man.. slowly.. I know you will be a fine man one day.

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