Sunday, March 06, 2016

Some parenting experiences that we face..

Situation 1: food before meal 

Just one of those afternoons in the car that the kids decided to share a burger... Before dinner. 

What would you do?

Say no? We say "yes of course!" Anything to make the kids happy. Apparently this dream burger not only make the kids happy, they still had their dinner after that. 

Situation 2: the girl who is crazy about cutting

Another typical Saturday that Dora decided that cutting was going to the activity of the day.

What would you do?

We said yes of course. As long as safety is not compromised and she is supervised. Why not right?

Situation 3: celebrating birthdays and sharing love with someone who is not related to you

There may be people who don't celebrate their birthdays.

What would you do?

In fact we celebrated our helper's birthday just recently. Her 4th with us. Very thankful for her presence in our house really. And sometimes we don't need birthdays to remind us that we have to show our appreciation towards that person. We always tell our children our helper Auntie is our family member although she is not related to us by blood. 

Situation 4: Teach the kids to "fight"?

Not that we encourage our kids to know how to fight but teaching resiliency from young is very important. I was in fact caught in a situation last year when Isa's teacher called me up when he was caught for punching a school bus friend then breaking his glasses. We were told that we might have to compensate the glasses and may need to see the principal.

What do you do?

I stayed chilled thru out the whole conversation and I told the teacher I will place the matter in her hands for I believe the school will handle the matter professionally. I also gave the teacher the other side of the story on this particular dishonest and haughty boy's behavior towards my son in the bus. After a month of investigation, my son was let off with just a warning and we don't have to pay for the glasses after all! I didn't blame Isa for such behavior despite my first response was,"you are wrong because you strike first." We all know who is wrong in the first place but sometimes we have to bear with things at times in order for the truth to surface.

Situation 5: crawling woes 

Lil I is an avid crawler as he is not exactly mobile yet at 16.5mths. And just last week, he crawled so fast that his hand got caught under his knees and he went face down on the floor n bit his lower lip.

What do you do?

Let nature takes it course. We are still protective parents (like who is not) but we still thinking that crawling is such an important phase of growing. Not only it enhances his gross motor skills, it will always stimulates his left and right brain to work together. We know we can't stop him from crawling.. So to more bruises and falls and worries to come.. 

Cheers to more adventurous parenting experience ahead!
Have fun!

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