Friday, March 18, 2016

One last minute surprise for the kids.. Legoland Malaysia..

It was a rather hasty and last minute decision between 3 mummies that all (almost) their kids ended up with a good surprise to Legoland!

And in order to save the hassle of driving, we booked a Malaysia MPV to come fetch us at 745am (yawnnn) as we were worried of the holidays-anticipated-jam along the causeway.

And so after an hour of jam and after breakfast, we reached Legoland at 10.30am!


Isa very enthusiastic about car rides this time.

 Isa in action! Here we go!
We waited an average of 30 minutes for the ride. But I would say you would need enough manpower and some strategies to go Q for a ride.

This is like the best souvenir for the kiddos.
And anyone knows what is class D?

Dora in da shark.

Mei mei.. you must learn how to dramatise more like Papa..

Dora and I in the boat ride!
See the tomato face?
Love our similar haircut :D

And someone is tall enough for MANY rides..

Liked I always say.. I will never save on this rental for strollers.
We rented one despite bringing one of our own.
And here it is, the single one will cost you RM$40 for a single and you are required to pay a deposit of another RM$40.
Doubles would cost RM$80 and deposit as followed.

And spinning cups make the children so happy!
And one of our strategies is when we have enough manpower, not all adults have to be on the rides?

At the entrance of some dungeons.
And dont ask me why Isa is posing such.

Dora is just into posing into a muscle girl.

And post lunch rain made me whip out raincoat.
And so another strategy is to bring raincoats for the kids as umbrellas are heavy to carry.
Isa was trying to swallow the mist from the fans nearby.

And so Dora followed korkor "swallowing" the mist.
But mei.. there is no mist.

Love the miniland section of Legoland.
And we literally combed only half of it as we only had about 5 hours for it as our transport came and picked up at 4pm and this includes lunch.
I would say quite a achievement for us.
Till the next round for more updated pictures.

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