Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finding back the time for the middle child..

Time always zips fast when we are busy. Ever since I had my third in 2014, time jus seemed to be move 3x faster..

But also at the same time, I am also monitoring the lost voice of the middle child. 

Dora has been a good girl, occasionally throwing her girlie tantrums is not uncommon I would say but also I'm very concern about her holistic development. So as Isa and her has quite a big gap of 5 years, I somehow lost touch of what is expected of children this age

Maybe I am guilty as charged for not spending more time with her.  Maybe I'm giving myself excuses but does the second (plus the middle) child always tend to be a little more laid back,a little more carefree?

And somewhere last year, what caught me by surprise was that when she could unlocked my IPad password last year with verbal instructions. I was like..."hey Mei Mei!! You know your numbers!" She just grinned from ear to ear. 

So this year, I decided to take on a bigger step with this little girl. We are lap-reading a little more, writing a little more.. Even crafting (reading cutting) a little more. We merely just started this year and we are really not expecting anything too much. We still love her for being so laid back and carefree because we know childhood is so short and so precious.

Mei Mei.. Stay as happy as a lark.. Because your laughter is just so contagious. Because you are a mini me.

Yeah. This is Miss Auntie Low.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

CNY 2016.. What to say during lo hei..

Everyone loves a lo hei session during the Lunar New Year period but do you know what to say for good luck for the different ingredients for this amazing dish?

We all learn something new everyday.

And as for our small family of 5, we usually love to kick start our reunion dinner with a Lo Hei session.
So here was our mini lo hei on the eve of Lunar New Year.

Ungarnished version.

In which I think the kids have so much fun at it! Even Lil I had his bit of contribution! All the kids just love the 遍地黄金 isn't it..

Then we had another round of vegetarian lo hei at my relative's house yesterday and earlier this morning.

My personal preference is the one topped with abalone, how about you?

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