Sunday, January 10, 2016

When your child need to take public transport home..

2016 is a huge milestone for us..

Isa will learn how take public transport back home by himself. After one week of orientation by us, Isa will already be on his own from next week onwards. Rather, I told him to come home by himself on last friday and he did it! Baby this is such a huge milestone for you and us! Words simply cant explain how glad I was.

For us, reasons are aplenty.

Reason: School bus fare too expensive.
Though we still have a car now, it is just very difficult for me to come out from work and pick him from school, send him home then head back to work. School bus fare were getting exorbitant! I missed the time when we used to stay so near to school, we literally just walked Isa to school.

In 2015
$120 per month for one way
= $1,440 per year

In 2016 (new adjusted fare)
$180 per month for one way
= $2,160 per year

Public transport
$0.59 one way = $11.80 per month
=$106.2 per year

But of course there many factors for us to consider before we decide for Isa to take the plunge.

Things to consider before allowing your child to take public transport:

  • Distance / Duration of ride
  • Safety issues such as if crossing of roads is required
  • And of course justification of cost

Reason: to have a more independent child
I am sure being parents, we are always eager about our children growing up. Not that we are that eager to snip off his wings but I think this is a good chance to allow him. But of course.. it was after many late night discussions / debate that we decided so. 

Anyway it was very straightforward for Isa as he NEED NOT cross the road to the bus stop, though the bus stop is not directly outside his bus, he just need to walk through a park to the bus stop. And of course, we gave him tip on how to handle strangers (I will write more about this in another post). Perhaps teach your child not to walk alone lest he is more vulnerable to stranger's approach. Isa is quite an intuitive child since young. He is the what you call the "kiasu kiasee" child. He is usually quite sharp about details around him (which definitely makes it a plus point for taking transport on his own). He even told me he walked with his friend as his friend just stay near the park.

And here is a good tip on how your child can handle strangers

But also.. Isa can be quite "sotong" at times, he always dropped his wallet in the car in the morning when I send him to school. Or he will forget to pack his bag the night before. So as a backup, I always pack emergency items in his bags. A small coin purse AND a pencil with eraser in a ziplock in his bag in case if he does not have money for recess or now.. money to take public transport back. But this is an issue.. parents this is a very important tip: please tell your child what you put into their bags else they will panic when they dont have coins or they cant even find the extra stationery that you packed for them for emergency times.

Now the question is:
When will you decide to let your child take public transport?

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Garu said...

Currently, my gal same age with isa also take train to tuition center once a week. I felt she is ready to take train. As for bus, she not ready as she dislike taking bus. The individual character play a important part to tell parents weather the child is ready for public transport. Nevertheless, timing let go in order to cultivate independence.

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