Friday, January 22, 2016

Nov Holidays '15.. We are going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo..

And so.. Ray Papa's company organised this trip during the November holiday for their staff and family members were invited! It has been a good 2.5 years since our last visit to the Zoo.. Moreover Ray papa didnt come with us the previous time and now we have 3 kid in toll! Seriously.. come to think about it, dont ask me how I survived 7.5 hrs at the Zoo. And I will drop you a tip or two on how we survived anyway. But indeed we explored further places that we never been before and of course not forgetting water play at the Kids Rainforest. 

Tip #1: always have an extra hand: helpers or grandparents included.

Grouchy baby in the stroller.
Tip #2: bring a hardy stroller but how can I forget my portable fan!

Hello Inuka!

Us! ah.. where is didi?

My eskimo.

Serious.. all the the african painted dogs look alike to me.

Baby asleep!
Tip #3: bring a baby carrier!
Good for sleepy babies..

Trivia: anyone wanna guess why zebras always flip their tails around?

My favourite pic of the lot.
Tip #4: Just rent a buggy for tired feet.. or even put your load into it.
Dont save the money.

Ok.. this is another favourite. Love how Isa can act.. just like the Pop.

And soon, we reached the children area where they have some farm animals and a house full of antiques. Apparently there is a few HUGE fake cockroaches. And my dora was so scared.

Tip #5: spend a bit more money
Kids throwing tantrum is the LAST things you want to get from a outdoor trip like this.
We were very lucky to get the last two slots for goat feeding.
I think they were $5 per bucket and the money goes to charity, so why not?

Even papa had fun..

Apparently someone did not enjoy feeding the pets.

See how far she is away from the goats.

Look at her deadly stare.

"No.. mama..NO! I dont want to feed!"
"ok mei mei... okok!"
Tip #5: never force your child to do something she/he doesnt like

Baby ready for water play after applying sun block.. 
sorry no pictures cos all of us literally went to play.

and soon we met the guys from Aussie.

Hello.. I have a koala on my body too, you know.

Such good life.. in enclosed areas with air con.

Towards the end of the day. Quite an achievement. 
Dora didnt nap at all and she was still so energetic!
Tip #6: allow your child to exert even more energy!
because that night.. all of them slept at 830pm..

What a fun day we had at the zoo!

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