Monday, January 18, 2016

Kaboodle Kids Singapore {Review and giveaway}

I am always very happy whenever we get an invitation for a play session... because I really think our children these days just need to play MORE.. I was so attracted because it say ..
"Imagination Playground"..

So here we go..

my little man with deep thoughts.. 
He was so intrigued by the poster that he didnt even realize I took his picture.

credits from Kaboodle Kids

The kids warmed up pretty fast. 
At first.. I think like most kids would..
They all started destructing everything in the room.

This is the first time that I had seen children are allow to destroy.. 
something different from the typical indoor playground you go.

Then the Play Associates at Kaboodle were pro enough to help scaffold the play by fitting random shapes together into much more proper structures.. 

Like how Dora sat on top on a stack of Imagination Play Blocks and say
 "I am sitting on a tree house"

And there came along Isa and pose outside his fort.

And even invite me to go to his fort with his friends!
You know.. play can just let children make friends just like that.

He was just very conscious of his loose front tooth.

Then Dora tried to roll ball along a track structure and observe its movement.
This is not just about imagination.. she is learning something about science too.

Imagination.. is something that should thrives as a child grows..

Loves the ideas that the poster gave. Build a town.. How interesting.

and on one side of the partition wall were some magnetic gears that Dora spent more than 20 minutes positioning and manipulating them.

I was rather surprised that Isa and Dora didnt say that they were tired. 
Neither did they say they were hungry after a 2 hours play.
What I could think of was that they really enjoyed themselves so much.

And soon lunch was served. What a luxurious spread.
In fact.. Pondok Gurame is the one of Kaboodle's caterer if you may wish to hold any party in their premise.

And obviously here is one very satisfied diner.

After lunch.. the play continue!

So much love from Ray papa..

And now Dora was the one who was happy to go into her "palace"

Generally my overall experience at Kaboodle Kids Singapore was quite a good one as compared to the typical indoor playground. It is definitely more suitable for children say age 3 and above as adults are encourage to stay around and facilitate with their children's play. This is not somewhere where you think you can sit back and relax. Rather look forward to stay up and about with your kids and relive your childhood with them. I would go again if opportunity arises. I would think this place suits children even up to teens.

We have 10 passes to giveaway!

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Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby was invited to a media invite session at Kaboodle Kids Singapore and no monetary compensation was made. Views are of my own. Redemption of free pass will expire by 31 March 2016.


Geraldine Low said...

Thanks for the review and indeed interesting enough for us to bring our kids there!


Carol Mei Mei said...

Oooh, would so love to win to let my boys enjoy kaboodle as well!

Carol Mei Mei Lim

Robert Sim said...

It looks like a great place for active kids to expend some energy while exercising their creative juices!

robert sim

Michelle Ng said...

Michelle Ng

Hope to win the passes for my girls to try the place out.

Melody said...

Name:Jaslyn Koh

Melody said...

Name:Jaslyn Koh

Sandra New said...

My two kids enjoyed these at Superfundae Singapore event last yr june (The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay).
Hope to be one of the lucky winners to win the passes.

Sandra New

sista said...

Lydia S

jen said...

Jennifer Guay

Winnie Lam said...

Thanks for the review! Hope to try it out.

Moomy Grace said...

HI there , wow the place looks fun !
Grace Kwok

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