Sunday, January 31, 2016

Birthdays of these the two January kiddos..

Eldest: turned 9 on the 24th
Middle: turned 4 on the 31st

Birthdays in our family is a big event. And especially when the 2 older ones' birthdays are just a week apart. We had our first small celebration with our neighbours' kiddos on Isa's actual day. 

With credits to Petite Joy Bakes

Simplicity and tasty was just what we wanted this year. Thank you Petite Joy Bakes for taking my last minute order. Many raves about this triple layer multi flavoured cake.

Then we had another celebration for Dora in her school on Friday.

And see how much all of these children grown from Dora's 2nd birthday in school.
Aww... where did all the babies gone?

And the last and final celebration for these January duo on Dora's actual day..

Loving matchy outfit from my parents. 

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