Friday, December 18, 2015

Lil I's big day celebration.. with my friends

Somehow we know this is gonna be the last kid in the family thus we decided to make his first celebration a little more bigger scale. Bittersweet feeling.

And thank you for everyone who turned up for littlest fella.

thank goodness Ray papa is good at this photo editing thing.
his little artwork for little one.

and in the very early morning of the celebration, Dora helped to decorate the tools that is to be use for the game session.

Our dessert table!

Childhood friend Nic who arrived earlier than us!

The TV that plays the montage and the goodies bags that I prep for the kiddos. And of course not forgetting the games I brought along. Quite a budget celebration as I simply think engaging face painting or balloonist is just not within my budget. Any interested sponsors pls approach me? Lol

Part of the dessert table.
I feel this mini cupcake was not as popular as it should be. the colours were nice and the taste was good. very nice bite size but guess it just didnt appeal to the kids much.

Another cold coner on the table. a much neglected piece. taste was actually good (not too sweet for my liking) and it took guests to actually see the colours in the shot.

I need not say too much.
and this MOST popular item on the table just got wiped out!

I am not actually a macaroon fan but I love this assorted colours and the filing was actually oreo!
Yum yum!!

M & M cookies! another hot item on the dessert table.

And the cake!
After paying for a $300 cake back then I realize a small edible cake would also make kids happy.

Childhood friends to do an "open ceremony" for the dessert table.

And the buffet spread is here!
Pineapple fried rice! Many raves about it.

Mixed vegetables. 
Its like a must to have a vegetable dish in all buffet spread. 
Why ah?

Cereal fish. something different from cereal prawn.
I think Ray papa knows I dislike to deshell.

I simply love potato salad!!

Who can forget this classic dish in ALL buffet spread again?

This is my ah lao's favourite.

This is Dora's favourite dish.

Bonus tempura prawn! See.. no shell!

Fried youtiao with sotong. yummmmm

I just prefer cold to hot dessert.

Aei and got photobombed by a big child.

The kiddos during games playing session.

Love it when they are so engrossed and nobody asked for free wifi!

Love these happy faces!

Us and the cake!

And see how the evil Mama closed the birthday boy's eyes to make a wish?
So what did you wish for my lil boy?

Mei mei.. do you actually know whose birthday is it?

Cross section view of the cake.


See I told. the hottest item on the dessert table. all wiped out.

Most of us! 

Thank you everyone again for the APs! Hope you and your kid/s have fun!

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