Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Fish at Big Splash..

Just a different way of us starting our school holidays.
Not a movie or a play.. just a fishy day ahead.

And so on this fine Sunday, we went to Fish at Big Splash.
Parking is free along the main East Coast Road, or if you prefer convenience, you can always park near the cafes.

Sometimes I am only more that glad its just a short drive away.

I was not much impressed by the size of the fishing pond actually.
Ya just this pond.

What are you looking at, didi?

Kids getting all enthusiastic.

Didi.. the pond is for fishing not for your feet dipping.

Didi seriously wants to go and sit inside. Everyone's getting warm up.

After 30 minutes of fishing.. both kiddos are still quite engaged. 

"Mama! I caught a fish!"
For a moment I was so impressed!
I was like.."where, mei?!"

Then i realized it was a dead fish. So sad that we had to tell it was dead and she has to dump it away. Well.. good try Mei, good try..

So about an hour or so.. even our help had fun!
It was not actually easy to fish. You actually need patience and some skills.
Its not that easy. You have to try it to know what I am saying.

Man at the counter helping us to pack.
Tell you, this lady in stripes was damn good. If you look closely, she has at least 20-30 guppies in her container.

And we went to some bistro for lunch when Lil I finds this tree very interesting.

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