Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello Perth.. Company retreat.. Part 1..

As a mom of three, how many a times do you need to leave your kids at home? Rather, how many of you bear to go on a holiday without them? Well I do! Ha.. honestly I dont bear to but at times, we as moms really do need some me-time alone. So I went to my company retreat alone.. alongside with my 12 other colleagues.

So in the wee hours of 06 Nov 2015 (Friday).. yawn
so much for budget huh.

Day 1: 06 November 2015 (Friday)
Fast forward 4 hr 50 min later..
We reach Perth! 
Time check: 5am.. *yawn again with panda eyes*
Temperature check: 16'C
Seriously, why did I forgot to pack my cream for my face/eyes on board.

So after settling the car rental and applying a aussie prepaid sim card.. we left the airport at 7am. My colleague had diligently booked 2 cars with GPS online. In total we self drove for about 2 days with 2 rental cars: 

One Kia and one Ford.
Obviously I drove the smaller one.

A clearer pic of the one I drove. 
A mini SUV or so they claimed.

The other one which is a 8 seater in which my colleague said it has luxurious leg space for all.

And as we picked up the cars from the airport, it only make sense if we start our itinerary with Swan Valley area. 

Not difficult to guess what is for our first stop.
And it was only 830 am!

The shop owner showed us how to crack open a raw macademia nut by using a portable device. How interesting.

Its just weird that a non choc fan like me can end up buying packs of chocolates.

Fancy some nice freshly made wafer with ice cream?
The flavour of the ice cream that we chose was Kinder Bueno.
And it taste really good!

The lavenders were just too pretty to resist. 
Love the whiff of air around the shop.

Lunch stop.
You know you are so hungry and tired that you dont mind paying AUD$15 for this.

Mayb it isnt a good idea to come here if you are not a cheese fan at all.
I love the soft cheese so much that I bought a small wedge for my aunt Sally!

The winery we went: 2 bottles of wine for my aunt Sally as we are going to her house for dinner tonight!
I "tasted" the wine by smelling it.
How professional huh.

The different angles of our apartment.
Not a very impressible place I would say.

Meet "ah huey" and "ah lian"
Aunt Sally's sheep!

I miss you Aunt Sally!

Sunset at Maud Road.

Our huge spread for dinner.

Yum yum yumm...

And I think Aunt Sally made everyone very entertained!

That ends our first day at Perth!
And I think everyone slept by 930pm that night.

#disclaimer: faces of my colleagues has been blurred out as I respect their privacy. :)

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