Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do your bit for the environment with Noo Trees! {Review + discount code}

With the haze going for this period of time, I am only more than glad we were given a chance to review this wonderful range of products from Noo Trees.

NooTrees®’ newly-launched range of bamboo-fibre tissue paper and wet wipes not only present a viable solution to the larger environmental issue, but are also stronger, naturally hypo-allergenic, and more biodegradable than its polyester-based equivalent; its wet wipes are able to degrade in about 45 days in the landfill, compared to years taken by conventional polyester-based wet wipes.

The NooTrees® range is competitively-priced with mass market tissue and wet wipe brands, unlike other environmentally-friendly products which tend to cost more than their conventional equivalents.

There are no harmful chemicals added to the wet wipes during the overall production process as well.

NooTrees® Bamboo Hand Face Family Wet Wipes, made from spun-lace bamboo fibre, containing botanical extracts that make the wipes hypo-allergenic and soft on the skin.

Verdict: I am a person who is quite particular about wet wipes. This is not too soapy nor too wet to the touch and it comes out pretty easily from the pack.
I personally love the 30s pack as it is the most convenient size to carry around.

NooTrees® Facial Tissue, made from highly absorbent, 100% biodegradable, sustainable and BPA-free virgin bamboo pulp.

Verdict: Nice scent (bamboo derived smell I suppose, duh right) as there are just some box tissue paper that has a stale cupboard smell but this is really good. Not too thin as it is 2 ply. You just feel so good reminding yourself that these products are biodegradeable.

NooTrees® Cleansing Treatment Wipes with Eco-Dot© Technology, a range of three textured wipes with special biodegradable exfoliating dots:
    • Aqua Skin© moisturising wipes with added hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A / E and Omega 3 / 6
    • Spa Skin© with added essential oils for relaxation
    • Age Impact© anti-ageing wipes with added Q10, peptides and antioxidants.
Just see how much make up it can clean up after a long day.

 Verdict: This is actually my favourite from the lot. Though there is a certain fragrance emiting from the wipes but it was an excellent choice to use when you want to be lazy for a while. On normal days, I will wipe my face right after I cleansed my face.
During last week while travelling, I brought along the Spa Skin© wipes and used it to wipe off my make and it works wonder. I used one piece to wipe off make up, and another one to double up on toning after washing my face and it left my skin feeling smooth and refresh! 


Discount code

And of course, not forgetting royal readers of Rayconniebaby get to enjoy a 20% discount once you purchase over SGD$50 over at their website. Just mention CONNIEGREEN

So why wait? Purchase now and do your bit for the world!

#disclaimer: Rayconniebaby received this range of products from NooTrees and no monetary compensation was made. During this month of discount, 5% of your supported purchases will indeed to directed to my kids' study funds. TIA!

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