Monday, October 12, 2015

Sensorial play for children under 12 months..

Many of us always run out of ideas fast when it comes to playing with the little ones.. we are all wary of that what chemical, what toxic, what colouring.. so many a times, we tend to fall into the trap of using the electronics. Not that electronics are not good, but I believe that if we can introduce them at a later stage, we should just try to push it to a later stage.

Anyway I have been quite inspired by a friend of mine, who is doing many interesting activities with her little one at home and of course this one that I picked is one of my favourite as preparation time is only less than 10 minutes yet it kept lil I engaged for more than 20 minutes!

"Babies may be limited by their mobility and dexterity, but not their ability to interact with the world. Babies can enjoy the feeling of water in a pool or bath, take in the movement of wind on a walk, and respond to the sounds of music playing on the stereo. As babies become toddlers, they’ll want to feel a variety of materials, scoop and sort small objects, and experiment with the properties of cause and effect (i.e. what will happen if I dump this bowl of sand?)."

And who say play should be alone! 
See the video on how funny the episode can get..

And fun gets bigger and better when your siblings play with you!

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