Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lil I birthday celebration.. Part I with my family..

It has been such a amazing (almost) one year. I can still recall very clearly that I was still waddling down the aisle with my K2 students for my school's Graduation Concert on this very same day last year.

And this year, we took this weekend kick start the celebration for Lil I. How time flies.

My family and I just gathered for a cosy dinner and here were some photos taken from the evening.

Just a small cake for the 9 of us.
So interesting how big my family grows.

And guess who enjoys the cake the most.

Obviously not the main character.
And here.. the oldest and the youngest in the family.

And the little birthday boy dont seemed very convinced about the song..
Thank you for the wonderful dinner treat by Ray papa and my sis.

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