Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 10/17: Isa's first experience doing laundry..

In this maidless period, I'm only thankful for Isa when he offered his help in a way or another. I would think he is just kpo in his own ways but I guess it's the thought that counts. 

Earlier tonight he learnt how to sort the laundry into the laundry nets before placing them into the machine. Then I taught him the proportion of how much detergent and softener to put. He took a while to exclaim that all these are "tough work" and very "troublesome" then he also said that now he know how tough is auntie's (our helper) job. He saw t shirts that has sleeves rolled in, he has to check that buttons for jeans are buttoned, nothing is in the all the pockets and also make sure that zips are pulled up properly in the laundry nets etc.

Little acts it may seemed but I think he think really deep today because he actually emphasized that we should be thankful to the people who help us do the chores. I was like.. "Ok you can do all the dishes next" and he just let out a smile.

And not forgetting the other mini helper who also want to do her little bit for the chores. Liked I said, even little acts like this by placing the laundry bag into its original place will help instill Dora's sense of responsibility for chores.

Till the next chore.

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Joyce said...

Good job Isadore! Gotta start em' young! Aidan puts his clothes in the laundry for washing (does the same checks), and we rope him in whenever it is time to sort, fold, and keep the laundry in everyone's drawers. Hoping by the time Aidan js 7 he can do these chores without me asking :P

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