Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy birthday Lil I..

Happy birthday my littlest..
Today is your special day. 

Although nothing big will be plan for you till next month but still today is such a special day. It is always so good to hear you trying to express yourself to us. You are the fastest among the lot to cruise and also the earliest to take solid food! Mama know time is very precious so we are always trying our best to spend time with you. Korkor and Jiejie never get enough of you as they always hug and kiss you non stop. Love you for being so cheeky and drama and chatty as always!!

At 12 mths, we are happy that you can
  • cruise
  • eat most solid food
  • call mama, baba.. Sometimes teh teh (for Jiejie), ah tor (for Korkor)
  • shakes your head on cue, nods at random
  • crawls on four like a pro
  • self feed with biscuits and bottles
  • recognize people
  • loves going out to meet people

Stay this cute always yes my baby.

Love from 
Papa, Mama, Korkor and Jiejie 

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