Thursday, October 08, 2015

Day 5/17 without helper.. Reflections and accomplishments

I have been busy you know. but I sort of realized that whenever we get really busy, we tend to push ourselves over the norm, do you? 

Why is it that during my normal working days, I am always very tired. Yes I am so fortunate that I can crash right into bed at 10pm (or earlier) when my children are not even sleeping yet. Cos I know my hub and helper would help to tuck the kids to bed while I just crash and snooze till the dawn breaks.

But somehow these few days I feel like I am in a over my norm mode. I wake at 6am, prepare breakfast for the kids, for Ray papa and myself.. prepare ingredients for lunch (yaya.. like so early in the morning).. and sleep is probably only possible past midnight. Like it is close to 1am now and I am still at the keybard.

But somehow I found back another form of sanity. I sort of forgot how therapeutic it can get when I do the dishes or hang the laundry or even when I pack the bags for the kids. I nearly forgot.. but I am only glad I found this feeling back. I do miss doing all these nitty gritty things in the household. I need to remind myself that I am still a very handson mum. I am really proud of myself for being able to accomplishing these so many things:
  • Sensorial play with lil I 
More about sensorial play in the next post.
  • Isa get to help shower Dora - home alone with 3 kids so I had to rope in the big bro's help.
  • Grocery trip with the 3 kiddos - a post dinner activity with Ray papa

  • fetching and sending kiddos to school - yes drove with all 3 kids in the car all by myself. 
  • building a closer bond with friends who had help to babysit lil I while I clean up the house and run errands. Thank you my dear friends, you know who you are.
From tomorrow, I will be entering in another mode. which is to work half days and get back home right after lunch while Ray papa moves into full day leave mode till our dear helper comes home. How will he cope? I am not sure but I am sure that he will also push himself over his norm till I reach home. And till the next post. It is time for bed.

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