Sunday, October 04, 2015

Beginning of my stint.. Day 2

Well.. October is such a joyous month as it is Lil I's birthday! But just that we had to kick it off by sending my helper home for urgent leave. And the arrangement is such.. We will only celebrate Lil I's bday at a later date as it is right in the middle of Isa's exam period. It shall also be kept to a very small scale celebration as many may think why it is still necessary to celebrate it belated. But then again we will have an interesting one with my family first. 

Anyway Day 2 of my stint has just sort of ended. Maybe it was the weekends but I actually thought these 2 days has been quite a mayhem. Haze was one of the main reason why we had to spend most of our Saturday indoors. Crazy as it may sound but I guess the kids do take things easier than we thought. A game of Monopoly was what they could thought of.

Then soon Sunday came.. My parents had come to help .. All the way from Jurong.. While my mom whipped up lunch in a mere 30min, I spent my whole afternoon many chores: laundry.. Dishes after dishes.. Sweeping and mopping the floor etc etc.. And packing the kids' clothes for the birthday gathering in the evening and the next day as well. And when finally I could sit down eating my lunch, I had to write a script for Isa's show and tell for the upcoming week... At the same time arrange the pick up time for a rental of the play yard for lil I.. Hopefully it can provide him some safety while I do my chores at home.

And when finally now that all the kids are sleeping, I have to plan what's the arrangement for them for the whole week. Thank goodness I'm on leave for a few days. 

And as I chatted w my mom earlier, I just kept pondering how can all my SAHM cope??! It's just non stop action for me.
Please give me some tips!
And cheers to the upcoming week ahead! Jia you Connie Mama.. You can do it!

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