Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy birthday Lil I..

Happy birthday my littlest..
Today is your special day. 

Although nothing big will be plan for you till next month but still today is such a special day. It is always so good to hear you trying to express yourself to us. You are the fastest among the lot to cruise and also the earliest to take solid food! Mama know time is very precious so we are always trying our best to spend time with you. Korkor and Jiejie never get enough of you as they always hug and kiss you non stop. Love you for being so cheeky and drama and chatty as always!!

At 12 mths, we are happy that you can
  • cruise
  • eat most solid food
  • call mama, baba.. Sometimes teh teh (for Jiejie), ah tor (for Korkor)
  • shakes your head on cue, nods at random
  • crawls on four like a pro
  • self feed with biscuits and bottles
  • recognize people
  • loves going out to meet people

Stay this cute always yes my baby.

Love from 
Papa, Mama, Korkor and Jiejie 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lil I birthday celebration.. Part I with my family..

It has been such a amazing (almost) one year. I can still recall very clearly that I was still waddling down the aisle with my K2 students for my school's Graduation Concert on this very same day last year.

And this year, we took this weekend kick start the celebration for Lil I. How time flies.

My family and I just gathered for a cosy dinner and here were some photos taken from the evening.

Just a small cake for the 9 of us.
So interesting how big my family grows.

And guess who enjoys the cake the most.

Obviously not the main character.
And here.. the oldest and the youngest in the family.

And the little birthday boy dont seemed very convinced about the song..
Thank you for the wonderful dinner treat by Ray papa and my sis.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 10/17: Isa's first experience doing laundry..

In this maidless period, I'm only thankful for Isa when he offered his help in a way or another. I would think he is just kpo in his own ways but I guess it's the thought that counts. 

Earlier tonight he learnt how to sort the laundry into the laundry nets before placing them into the machine. Then I taught him the proportion of how much detergent and softener to put. He took a while to exclaim that all these are "tough work" and very "troublesome" then he also said that now he know how tough is auntie's (our helper) job. He saw t shirts that has sleeves rolled in, he has to check that buttons for jeans are buttoned, nothing is in the all the pockets and also make sure that zips are pulled up properly in the laundry nets etc.

Little acts it may seemed but I think he think really deep today because he actually emphasized that we should be thankful to the people who help us do the chores. I was like.. "Ok you can do all the dishes next" and he just let out a smile.

And not forgetting the other mini helper who also want to do her little bit for the chores. Liked I said, even little acts like this by placing the laundry bag into its original place will help instill Dora's sense of responsibility for chores.

Till the next chore.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sensorial play for children under 12 months..

Many of us always run out of ideas fast when it comes to playing with the little ones.. we are all wary of that what chemical, what toxic, what colouring.. so many a times, we tend to fall into the trap of using the electronics. Not that electronics are not good, but I believe that if we can introduce them at a later stage, we should just try to push it to a later stage.

Anyway I have been quite inspired by a friend of mine, who is doing many interesting activities with her little one at home and of course this one that I picked is one of my favourite as preparation time is only less than 10 minutes yet it kept lil I engaged for more than 20 minutes!

"Babies may be limited by their mobility and dexterity, but not their ability to interact with the world. Babies can enjoy the feeling of water in a pool or bath, take in the movement of wind on a walk, and respond to the sounds of music playing on the stereo. As babies become toddlers, they’ll want to feel a variety of materials, scoop and sort small objects, and experiment with the properties of cause and effect (i.e. what will happen if I dump this bowl of sand?)."

And who say play should be alone! 
See the video on how funny the episode can get..

And fun gets bigger and better when your siblings play with you!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Day 5/17 without helper.. Reflections and accomplishments

I have been busy you know. but I sort of realized that whenever we get really busy, we tend to push ourselves over the norm, do you? 

Why is it that during my normal working days, I am always very tired. Yes I am so fortunate that I can crash right into bed at 10pm (or earlier) when my children are not even sleeping yet. Cos I know my hub and helper would help to tuck the kids to bed while I just crash and snooze till the dawn breaks.

But somehow these few days I feel like I am in a over my norm mode. I wake at 6am, prepare breakfast for the kids, for Ray papa and myself.. prepare ingredients for lunch (yaya.. like so early in the morning).. and sleep is probably only possible past midnight. Like it is close to 1am now and I am still at the keybard.

But somehow I found back another form of sanity. I sort of forgot how therapeutic it can get when I do the dishes or hang the laundry or even when I pack the bags for the kids. I nearly forgot.. but I am only glad I found this feeling back. I do miss doing all these nitty gritty things in the household. I need to remind myself that I am still a very handson mum. I am really proud of myself for being able to accomplishing these so many things:
  • Sensorial play with lil I 
More about sensorial play in the next post.
  • Isa get to help shower Dora - home alone with 3 kids so I had to rope in the big bro's help.
  • Grocery trip with the 3 kiddos - a post dinner activity with Ray papa

  • fetching and sending kiddos to school - yes drove with all 3 kids in the car all by myself. 
  • building a closer bond with friends who had help to babysit lil I while I clean up the house and run errands. Thank you my dear friends, you know who you are.
From tomorrow, I will be entering in another mode. which is to work half days and get back home right after lunch while Ray papa moves into full day leave mode till our dear helper comes home. How will he cope? I am not sure but I am sure that he will also push himself over his norm till I reach home. And till the next post. It is time for bed.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Beginning of my stint.. Day 2

Well.. October is such a joyous month as it is Lil I's birthday! But just that we had to kick it off by sending my helper home for urgent leave. And the arrangement is such.. We will only celebrate Lil I's bday at a later date as it is right in the middle of Isa's exam period. It shall also be kept to a very small scale celebration as many may think why it is still necessary to celebrate it belated. But then again we will have an interesting one with my family first. 

Anyway Day 2 of my stint has just sort of ended. Maybe it was the weekends but I actually thought these 2 days has been quite a mayhem. Haze was one of the main reason why we had to spend most of our Saturday indoors. Crazy as it may sound but I guess the kids do take things easier than we thought. A game of Monopoly was what they could thought of.

Then soon Sunday came.. My parents had come to help .. All the way from Jurong.. While my mom whipped up lunch in a mere 30min, I spent my whole afternoon many chores: laundry.. Dishes after dishes.. Sweeping and mopping the floor etc etc.. And packing the kids' clothes for the birthday gathering in the evening and the next day as well. And when finally I could sit down eating my lunch, I had to write a script for Isa's show and tell for the upcoming week... At the same time arrange the pick up time for a rental of the play yard for lil I.. Hopefully it can provide him some safety while I do my chores at home.

And when finally now that all the kids are sleeping, I have to plan what's the arrangement for them for the whole week. Thank goodness I'm on leave for a few days. 

And as I chatted w my mom earlier, I just kept pondering how can all my SAHM cope??! It's just non stop action for me.
Please give me some tips!
And cheers to the upcoming week ahead! Jia you Connie Mama.. You can do it!

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