Sunday, September 27, 2015

Time of the year to be a SAHM..

I guess not everyone meets with such a situation that often and when it happens, what will you do?

Your best caregiver has to go home on an urgent basis, so.. What the plan?

Well I know I am blessed to have a very understanding company so I'm granted intermittent leave for this period of time to help me tide over.

At times some wild ideas will just be in my head.. The "What if" or "Maybe.." Then that idea will go away in a while as I still prefer to be a FTWM. 

I have a group of very supportive friends and even neighbours who has offered their help to take care of the littlest if I need go back to work for half a day. 

And this time round, even the hubs goes on full throttle leave too. We have 3 kids so things do kind of get challenging at times. So I don't reject any kind of help that comes along the way. 

I really wonder how do those families with 2 kids or more handle without a helper. Or how do you families handle whenever your helper goes back home?

So my short stint adventures starts again from 3rd Oct to 19th Oct. 17 days!

wish me luck and pls pardon me for the little entries for the upcoming month. I am not sure.. Mayb there will be more entries as I get to spend more time with the kiddos? I dunno.

Meanwhile I think this is very suitable for me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Have you ever seen any babies with 3 whorls on the head?

Yes you saw it right. 
Lil I is the one with three whorls.

2 at the back. 
one in clockwise direction and another one in anticlockwise direction.

and another one in the front hairline in clockwise direction

Many of you may ask..

So what is the meaning of three whorls?

Actually I am not sure myself. but after googling it, possible explanations could be brain development which in turn affects handedness. But old folks says.. these children with 3 or more whorls are "very difficult to take care" and can be "bo chup" (meaning give a hack in Hokkien).

Do you know of any other explanations?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Baby 9mths 3 weeks roaring like a lion..

Lil I at 9 mths and 3 week.
Does your baby do the same too?
And the most comical part is the last few seconds when he got frightened by Isa and Dora's roaring..
what an evil mom right. 

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