Monday, August 31, 2015

Staycation at Pan Pacific Singapore..

I love staycations, don't you?

Maybe it is a Singapore culture because there was a time that I explained to one my ex Chinese colleague and she just brushed me off by saying, "who would wanna stay at a hotel when I can stay at home and sleep?"

Boy, I looked at her at amazement and said,"so you NEVER done a staycation before?" Period.

Anyway we managed to get a good price to book this staycation for my parents and my family for a night on the eve of National Day. So eventually we got two  of the Deluxe rooms. 

Love it when the booking do come with complimentary breakfast for two for per room booking but I feel maybe they can work on the charges for children. I mean, how much can a 8 year old eat right? Anyway.

Check in time was 3pm and we being kiasu, reached before 3pm so we loitered a little in the hotel lobby.

Love the comfy arm chairs that they provided for us to lounge around.

Guest reception area.
I was quite surprised by the long queue despite being there an hour earlier.
So here is where they handle your hotel booking, we eventually had to head to the second floor to collect our room keys.
I was just taken aback for a moment. We had to head to another place to collect keys? Mayb I am suaku as I dont usually encounter this in local hotels.
Didnt quite expect this going up with our not-so-little luggages. 

The hotel staff did offer to take our things but I just prefer to carry them ourselves.
All for just one night.
3 kids in toil, you can expect this right.

At the waiting area on the second floor.
On a nice note, the hotel actually provides chairs for guests' families to sit and wait or loiter around (again) while one representative (in our case Ray papa) settles the registration and collects the key.

Most of the guests seems frustrated and seems to want to get hold to their keys quick as the queue here was moving really slowly.
But the staff were handling us like a pro. They made sure that food was replenish as quickly as possible and they even apologise humbly for making us wait. I know it is not easy being service staff but just my opinion: maybe they can consider a bigger holding area as many people were cramped in the small room. Or provide a small TV area for children to watch cartoons or something else. 

And about waiting for about 30minutes or so, we finally gotten our keys!
Well, the bed is big thus making lil I seemed so minute!

a view of the toilet. 
small and cosy.

the focus was the shower heads actually.
love it that they had 3 different shower heads to choose from!
I am very particular with shower heads whenever I bring children for staycations.
Adjustable shower heads like the one that you can see in here is very important to me as it makes showering my toddler so much easier.
Cannot remember which hotel was it but they only had a fixated shower head and our solution to showering children was to put Dora in the basin to shower. Anyway.

Quite an space saver this boiler.
But I feel it was quite hazardous though.

Love the cot that they provided. Though the condition of it was quite old, they made sure that the cot was clean. ya ya, I am that anal as I brushed my fingers across at random bars of the cot.

See how happy my littlest is. And he really slept well in the cot.

view of the hotel from the swimming pool level.

The most favourite part of every staycation.

I always love artisty shots.
I may not be a pro photographer but I have a eye for special moments like what Ray papa always say.

We had to end the staycation with our typical family shots.
Anyway everything also SG50 right so we just had to join in the fun.

#disclaimer: this is not sponsored post but rather a genuine sharing of our stay. All photos and opinons are mine.

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