Saturday, August 01, 2015

Our first visit to the Istana Garden..

Just over a week ago and in collaboration with SAF50, the Istana Garden was opened to the public. Despite one had to book a slot to go in, it was not difficult to get. 

Not too sure if we overestimated ourselves or underestimated the supposedly picnic, all of us went flat tire after spending more than 5 hours there. Here are some of the few shots we took as my hands were really busy!

It was only Ray and me with 3 kids, a stroller, 2 haversacks and a cooler bag in toil as our helper was having her off day.

Though our booked time slot was at 1030 am, the queue outside the Istana was crazy. When we reached at 950am, the end of the queue was actually in front of Atrium at Orchard. Estimated queuing time was about 1 hr 30 min. WHAT!!

So this very nice duty officer told us we could actually try to enter by the Sophia Gate (which is the back gate of Istana) and he said there was not much queue there. When we first heard, we were shouting a quiet yay in our heart. But what was not expected was this..

The Mt Sophia stairs. 

So we walked up the stairs. There was no turning back.
This very cute boy behind us was actually counting the steps. Hmm and he said there was about 130 steps.
If you do your math, 130 steps is almost equivalent to climbing up 8 storeys.
Don't ask me how I waddled  walked the next day ya.

There was a kind lady who offered her help with my stroller as poor Ray papa was carrying Dora up the stairs. Oh ya, I was carrying lil I with the stroller in one hand. Dont-ask-me-how-I-do-it but somehow I managed.

But all well ends well. So we conquered that loooooong flight of stairs, after about another 600 metres, we were in the premise of the Istana Garden!

And this was lil I's maiden picnic session!
Hmm didi.. you cannot eat this piece of leaf. 
I just had to plonk myself on somewhere to rest and catch my breathe.

Did I see 3 kiddos on the see saw? The kids had so much fun.. bouncy castle and mini playgrounds. Really good for them to channel all their energy when I dont have much left.

Us with lil I sleeping in the baby carrier.
Love it when the kiddos were all wearing matchy matchy tees.

We wanted to queue (again) to take a look at the selected function rooms in the Istana building but again there was a (one hour) queue. So we gave up the idea and made a U turn instead. 

Soon the sky turned cloudy and we knew we had to find alternative. There were lots of tentages area with many SAF exhibitions.

Since it was a collaboration with SAF50, sure there was lots of chance to have photoshoot too.

how can we miss out taking pictures of the kiddos wearing uniform?
The kids were very sure of which set of uniform they want.

Read more what happened to Dora here during the photoshoot.

And I definitely want to take more pictures of my not-so-toothless littlest!

Soon when we were about the leave, it actually drizzled a little so Ray papa just wanna make sure the kiddos were prepared to "dash" thru the rain?
Not exactly, I bet they had fun just wearing the provided ponchos.
Anyway we left once the weather got better.

Time check: 330pm.
And we survived.

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