Thursday, August 27, 2015

Off peak hour to the SEA aquarium..

August had been a fulfiling month. Everyone must have enjoyed tremendously over the Jubilee weekend as we also had our fair share too.

So here is more about the complimentary entry to the SEA aquarium during the off peak hour. Our ticket only allow us to enter from 4pm so we did not set off that early. Though they are closed at 7pm, I would think our walk around for about 2 hours was more than sufficient to cover the entire place.

We eventually parked at the RWS carpark with a heavy damage but the complimentary entry makes it just worthwhile as it provides us so much convenience as we left at 10pm.

The menacing ticketing area.

Oh, am I the only person who did not know that SEA aquarium and the Maritime Museum is actually the same place?
Ok, now you know.

Little girl with her hero.

Interactive area with Xbox games and etc.

And here we are, at the tunnel.

The long spined sea urchin were making my kids go goo goo gaa gaa..
So I took the opportunity to teach them what is symbiosis.
And very quickly Isa could rem the episode of Octonauts about the crab and the sea urchin.

How to resist a picture at such a nicely lit area.

And the sea anemones with the clown fish.
aiyo this preschool educator cannot stop teaching.
and so I also told the children on why only clown fish can go near the sea anemones. 

love this amazing face of mini me. 
she is just so engrossed at the large observation area.

whereas Isa was jus so keen on taking a picture with this aloof guy behind the glass.

my love with taking shots of sea jellies.

my favourite shot of the day.
all taken with iphone 6 with no filter.

can you spot Ray papa, Isa and Dora? hehe..

Isa is in love with reading right.
So he went on and on and on reading this large and smaller panels of information.
me, on the other hand, was information overloaded.

in the large circular tank.
very very pretty sight.

us at the touch pool.
and what a huge milestone for Dora as she did not even dare touch anything at our previous visit at the Underwater World!

at the gift shop. told u she was a poser.

living fossils exhibition area.

time check: 730pm.
oops. we really had to go.

the kids just had to had a go at the mini water display.

Dinner time.
How can Ray papa resist such a cute little girl right?
She really has her way with papa.

And we had to end our day at the Candylicious store.
And am proud to say, we went home empty handed.

What fun it was at the SEA aquarium, I would definitely visit again when the kids are older.

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