Sunday, August 23, 2015

Night session at Universal Studios Singapore..

Because of a special Jubilee weekend we had, my mom bought us tickets to Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Though it was bought at a discounted price from her GRC, it was worth every cent paid! It even include transport, a bento meal and tickets to the SEA aquarium (in which I will write about it in another post).

So here was how we kicked start our Jubilee weekend.

Our venue for dinner was actually at a ballroom in Hard Rock Hotel.
I was not very keen on taking pictures of the crowd cos apparently the emcee explained that there was about 4000 people who had bought the special priced tickets to USS for that night.
Really a overwhelming number.

And my mom with the kids. She is never tired of selfie or wefie.

My little girl with me.

My son with my hero.

Of course lil I is at home with my helper right.
IKR and dont judge me.

And of course, my parents.
It is how strange that my dad did not really spend time with me and sis at such amusement theme parks when we were young but he is rather different when it come to his grandchildren. 
Their relationship is just beyond description.

Dora the Madagascar carousel.
This is actually her 2nd time on this ride. 
Check out the link of our older post at the end.

Isa.. who was so excited about the whole outing.

Us.. the nay side of coming for a night session is that photos taken are definitely of a different expectation.

the kids with Pinocchio.

Papa, kids and Vin Diesel.
Love their poses.

Dora is a poser queen. She just goes into (almost) every gift shop and would request me to take picture of her. And if you dont take, she will say"mama, I havent take picture with this this or that that.."
Life of a blogger's daughter huh.

Us at the Sesame Street Space ride.
We missed this the last round as it went under sudden maintenance.

My minions.

And how can we miss this shot.
Know what I mean by a different expectation of night shot.

A very tired ah lao indeed.
Mr Lepak.

And of course, not forgetting, here is more about our first visit to USS.

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