Monday, August 10, 2015

National Day Parade 2015.. updated

All I can say that I'm very blessed to have bestie who keep me in her thoughts as at the 11th hour, she said she could spare us some tickets. And so we went to the Padang for the National Day Parade!

This is my first time watching the National Day Parade (NDP) live. 
What a memorable event for me really.

And of course we know that it is not recommended to take public transport so we took the MRT and alighted at Raffles Place MRT which was the nearest to our entrance for the NDP.

And after exiting the MRT, there was sufficient signages and many volunteers who gave verbal instructions on where we should head to.

And so we walked..

and walked..

And finally when we thought we were near..

Just had to take a jump shot.
I was never good with jump shots till I gotten my hands on iphone6.

Anyway here we were, seated on the stairway of the South gate. Ya ya.. on the stairway but who cares right. So by the time we gotten thru the security checks and the long wait, we were finally in and the parade had actually started.

Really very thankful for the amazing aerial display by the RSAF. 
The kids just went wow non stop.

Cool vintage soldiers matching forth. Indeed a salute to our Pioneer Generation for helping build our country. 

Me and my mini me. Though she was a little distracted but I'm so glad she behaved herself thru out the show and I could see she really enjoyed the show so much. Only the first few fireworks scared her a little bit but soon after she overcame them and keep telling me "the fireworks are so beautiful!"

And yes we were sitting on the stairways thru out as instructed by the ushers. Rather they say we could only sit on the stairway. I think nobody wants it this way as well. I don't blame anyone because we all knew we came for one reason. 

Towards the end of the show, all of us were still hyped by the song singing and cheering.

Happy birthday Singapore! 
Majulah Singapura and may more good years to come!

And of course not forgetting thank you Mr Lee for everything.

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