Saturday, August 08, 2015

Day 2 of Jubilee weekend.. Staycation..

A very unexpected staycation.. Even though if it's jus for one night. Any time spend together with my folks is always good. 

And this time, we had 3 of them to test the bed. Nah we are not so adventurous to have all 5 of us on a bed. Isa was very game, he "volunteered" to share the bed with my parents so there was only Dora with me since I request a cot for lil I.

See how happy he is with his new place to explore! Ah.. Actually he was literally shaking the cot and it made him so excited and he fell and hit his head several times. I really don't know whether to cry or to laugh.

All I can say he is quite an adventurer.

Any takers to guess where we are having our staycation? 
Cheers. Kids are asleep. It's time for Ray papa and I to chill for the night. 

A much more exciting post awaits tmr.
How have your weekend been so far? Hope the wet weather didn't dampen your mood much.


Ally said...

At Pan Pacific?

Yuefen said...

Pan Pac! We were there w Matt in June. He totally love the bath tub ha! We're going for a staycation too today yeah
Have a great time with Ray & the kiddos!

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