Friday, July 17, 2015

Maths Readiness Test for Primary 1..

2 years ago when I was registering Isa up for Primary 1, many thoughts and questions flashed in my mind.. and one of my main concern is his maths. Not sure if you remember but I had mentioned in my previous post that Maths used to be my nightmare.

Here were a few worrying questions that I had:
  • I wonder if he knows his maths well? 
  • Is knowing 1-10 enough?
  • What do they test in Primary 1?
  • What is the basic knowledge children should have before they enter Primary 1?
  • How much is enough?
  • Etc etc !!!

Do you also have the same concern as me? Well I have a solution to your worry!

Rayconniebaby is pleased to share with all you that we are giving away 
5 seatings for the above course by our generous sponsor Neuroscholars.

This 2 lesson programme will: 

  • help your child develop the "right" tools to truly understand Math concepts through logical reasoning instead of memorization. 
  • expose your child to challenging / tricky questions to help him/her become more exam smart 

This 2 lesson programme includes:
  • 2 lessons, 1.5hrs each 
  • Assessment of Student Readiness over 10 Key Math Topics 
  • Personalized Student Readiness Report 
  • Parent Feedback Session 
  • A Set of Neuroscholars Math Tools 

------------------- GIVEAWAY -------------------
  1. You wish to visit or like the NeuroScholars facebook page.
  2. Share this post in your facebook wall. Please make sure your settings is set to public. Would be good if you tag Rayconniebaby or my personal facebook. Winners will be selected through the facebook sharing.
And yes it is that easy. Good luck!

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