Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happy birthday to me..

34 and counting.
I'm technically not shy of my age. Neither am I scared of telling people my age cos I know I don't look my age. Haha.. 

Mayb my post natal figure might betray me a little but I'm still quite contented with my brood of 3. 

I guess along the way of every year we will all make some resolution of some kind. The trend seems to be more popular during the beginning of the year but I still prefer to pen down my thoughts and plans on my birthday.

If you know me, im not an ambitious person. I don't crave for riches nor fame. I'm a very down to earth person. Thus I just hope I will continue to follow my calling for my job. Working with kids always seem NOT easy but after such a long struggle and a few years wasted. It is quite obvious that this rice bowl is meant for me and it is meant to stay.

Other than that, I also hope to have more guidance back my faith. I'm still not very sure if I will return to church any time soon. But I know if I do, I hope to be more immersed and more involved.

One last and hopefully more possible target for resolution is to become a fitter me! I have not been actively exercising since I got preg which is Feb 2014 till now. So now is the plan. Any expert pls help me give me some pointers. Piloxing? Zumba? TCM? Any kind sponsors? Hmm and I don't wish anything for a present ok? Really. 

Well this is it. Anyway turning 30 is a new trend. To a more younger and happier me.


My second cake, handmade by a very dear friend of mine. Only she will know and remember my all time favourite.

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