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Friday, June 12, 2015

{Review + Giveaway} Quickgrab Nappy Disposal Bag..

Throw many of you are facing these problems?
  • baby just love having "explosive" episodes in the car and just cant seem to bag the poo fast enough? a few seconds later.. the whole car smell like the toilet.
  • Smelly urine stench due to diaper changing in the car? Even if you bag that soiled diaper.
  • How many times that we have baby poo in a bag and just cant find that dustbin when you need it?
  • Kitchen full of poo smell?
  • Or.. you have a sneezy child and you needed to throw away that 1001 tissue paper on the go?
Well.. your solution is QuickGrab*! A new product that is biodegradeable and has easy tie handles to seal off any germs. 

And just see how receptive lil I is!

Yes throwing away a bagful of smelly icky stuff is just that simple. Just bag it, tie it and hold it till you find a proper dust bin to dispose!

most important of all, when you hang such a common colour bag at your stroller, nobody would have guess what's inside.

I am much impressed by how the individual piece of Quickgrab comes out so smoothly from the pack. 

----------------------- GIVEAWAY ----------------------- 

Wanna own a pack of nicely scented Quickgrab bags? 

  • Just come drop by Rayconniebaby (not compulsory to like but we thank you for your likes and comments).
  • Share our post on your facebook (please remember to set your post to public) and tag any 1 of your friends and mention us in the comments. Alternatively you can leave your name and email behind in our blog comment box.
  • Hurry cos giveaway ends 19 June 2015 2359hrs.

#Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby was sponsored a pack of Quickgrab and no monetary compensation was made. All photos and comments are mine.
Please understand that lil I was under close supervision while handling the plastic bag from Quickgrab. 
You can get these QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags from Vaby and Kulily at just $4.50 for a pack of 125 bags. 

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