Monday, June 15, 2015

How to make a no bake cheese cake..

I am such a noob at baking cakes. My success stories are only banana cake and the batik cake, dont mention that hokkaido chiffon cake that I made with profession guidance. Ok maybe that is all.

So one day, I decided to explore more. And as usual, my lil assistant was so keen on helping me that he was pestering me the whole day long...

Here we go..

Receipe adapted from here.
I was inspired to make a cheesecake because of the condensed milk!

Isa crushing the biscuits while I mixed the cream cheese and condensed milk together.

Isa spooning the well mixed crumbs (already mixed with butter) onto the tins.

My favourite cream cheese!

Mixing these parts together require time so please be patient.

Last step: Adding the lemon juice.

Ta dah!
And my cake critics who gave me thumbs up!

And till the next baking post...

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