Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lil I finally cut his first tooth..

It is the teething period.

It might not be the worst but I guess having 2 kids before really help to train me for sleepless nights like these. 

Week 1 and 2 of May: 
On a good night sleep, lil I could already sleep from 10pm to 530am in which he will wake for milk and will continue his sleep after the feed.

But these few weeks, Lil I was literally napping throughout the night as he will sleep close to 10pm and will wake at 2am perhaps. On these nights he would jus drink his milk and continue to snooze till 530am then which he will definitely wake up to play and have another night feed. He co sleeps with me and Dora so any little fiddling of the bolsters will usually wake me up. I'm now such a light sleeper. Then he will sleep at around 630am when my alarm is going to ring. I will then quickly take another 10-15min snooze as Isa is using the toilet.

Then during work, my helper text me to tell me Lil's I cut his his first tooth! Yay!! 

Week 3 of May: 
Just when we thought things might get a little better, lil I was literally waking every 
2 hours and this continue for another 2 nights! Imagine I was a zombie at work. But it was not easy as my partner was on leave so I had to be around.
On Wednesday, lil I was running a high fever! It was already 39.4 when I brought him to the clinic. Thank goodness he was  all fine by Friday afternoon. Only the flu and cough symptoms are still around.

Phew. What a week. 
How has yours been?

Can u spot the little tooth? Hehehe

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