Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lil I is 6months old!

Hmm time and tide really wait for no man and it also makes me realize that I'm really contended about my accomplishments in life. I may not live in the biggest apartment, neither do I drive a big car nor draw a high salary. In fact if you know, I had a huge pay cut this year for my shorter working hours and we are evening considering of going "car-less" next year once our car's COE is up. But I have a biggest satisfaction of all: which is to have 3 kids!

And today as we looked back, it all seemed like a little dream that come true. Having kids in the family and me being a very hands-on mum, it is actually very emotional for me to know that my littest baby turned 6months today!

Gosh! 6months already?! Yes this little fellow is 6months.

Milestones for Lil I:

-around 7.8kg
-able to turn on both sides  
-smile and chuckle 
-hold items in his hands and put them to his mouth
-already on semi solids
-drool monster
-enjoys bathing in the tub
-loves smooches from Papa, Mama, Korkor and Jiejie
-mini selfie prince!
-sunshine baby!!

Many say he looks more like Korkor, but I would think he also look a like Dora.. What say you?

1 comment:

Dianaruth Guo said...

I think the little one looks more like Dora from the pix. But all so adorable, look like gorgor or jiejie both also very cute! :)

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