Monday, April 27, 2015

The Animal Corner in Lim Chu Kang (Farmart)..

Early in the morning on a Sunday.. Mama Connie has some cheeky ideas in her mind..

Now where shall we go?

So she told 3 little kiddos,"ok! Let's go see animals!"
Isa and Dora,"Yeah!!"

Little to they know that this ulu ulu place is called "Farmart" and it is situated in Lim Chu Kang. It was the children's first time there though. (Ya dont ask me why) and there were all piped up with excitement!

You see.. lil I is a small adventurer.. Out of the 3 kids, he is always the one who always experience something different at the youngest age as compared to the two older ones.

So after a very LONNNNNNNNNNG car ride.. we reached!
Time check: 10:30am

The papa and his little girlfriend.

The mama and her littest boyfriend who could hardly keep his eyes open.

For a basket of feedings, it would cost you $5.
By default, the vendor will give you a bunch of spinach (for the goats), 2 packets of carrots/mini corns (for the rabbits), 2 packets of pellets (for the catfish, tortoise and toads) and a pack of sunflower seeds (for the birds).
Quite worth it right?
So KS Mama gave Isa a $10 bill for 2 sets.

At first, Isa was a little apprehensive. Note his distance from the cages.

Dora was not even feeding yet. She just pose with her carrots.

Even my helper also want to be part of the fun.

Dora was so scared of the parrots!
You can see from the way she kept herself etched on Papa's legs.

After a while, she still was not very convinced..

This was muchhhhhh later.

Isa, on the other hand, was getting more confident with feeding the animals.

In fact, he was all over the place and I just could not keep up with his pace. It was so difficult to catch shots of him as I had to carry the baby with the another arm.

Guess this was the most interesting shot I took.
Very confident and precise as you have to hold on to your sunflower seed firmly and close enough to the parrot so that it takes the seed off your hand.

Only the pellets for the cat fish were left.
Kiddos rounding up the session.
And it was getting hot.

"Hello did.. you want some corns?"
Naughty Mama asked.

And for obvious reason, lil I thought it could be food.

What's the more interesting thing in Farmart was that it has so many kiddy rides!
The carousel just caught my attention and it was only for $2! 

And my two older ones really enjoy the ride!
Till the next time.. we will be back!

Time check: 12pm


67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008
Tel: 65-6767 0070
Fax: 65-6767 4756

Get map directions here
Get bus schedules here
#Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored in any kind. Just a genuine sharing from Rayconniebaby

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Play with Oreo!

Are you a big fan of Oreo just like me perhaps? Rayconniebaby is glad to share with you that there is a new flavour out on the shelves now!

Oreo Coconut Delight!

I personally like the multipack packaging as it makes sharing this delish cookies with friends and family such a fun thing to do!

And as PLAY WITH OREO invades Singapore, you are encouraged to keep an eye out for roving OREO carts and the friendly OREO mascot that will be taking over the city in the month of April. You can participate in fun and games to unleash your imagination when playing with OREO, where you can also enjoy a first-hand taste of the all-new OREO Coconut Delight. Interactive OREO games are also available at 

PLAY WITH OREO Roving Cart Dates*: 
  • 11 April: Orchard Road
  • 18 April: Tampines Central
  • 25 April: Toa Payoh Central
*Subject to weather changes

Here are some fun ways in which you can do with your Oreo

Or just do what Isa likes to do with his Oreo..

Bite them in small mouthfuls!

Or perhaps..

bake in a oreo cupcake like what I would like to do?

Whichever way you like.. share with us your most creative ways and join us in this PLAY WITH OREO campaign by using this hashtag #playwithoreo

#Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby received complimentary Oreos. All the other info were provided by the sponsors. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lil I is 6months old!

Hmm time and tide really wait for no man and it also makes me realize that I'm really contended about my accomplishments in life. I may not live in the biggest apartment, neither do I drive a big car nor draw a high salary. In fact if you know, I had a huge pay cut this year for my shorter working hours and we are evening considering of going "car-less" next year once our car's COE is up. But I have a biggest satisfaction of all: which is to have 3 kids!

And today as we looked back, it all seemed like a little dream that come true. Having kids in the family and me being a very hands-on mum, it is actually very emotional for me to know that my littest baby turned 6months today!

Gosh! 6months already?! Yes this little fellow is 6months.

Milestones for Lil I:

-around 7.8kg
-able to turn on both sides  
-smile and chuckle 
-hold items in his hands and put them to his mouth
-already on semi solids
-drool monster
-enjoys bathing in the tub
-loves smooches from Papa, Mama, Korkor and Jiejie
-mini selfie prince!
-sunshine baby!!

Many say he looks more like Korkor, but I would think he also look a like Dora.. What say you?

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Babies in bumbo..

Obviously you can see who is the heavy weight championship.
But who would have know the above champion would be the below.

Slimmer and dainty version.

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