Saturday, March 21, 2015

The young at heart and the young.. at Alive Museum Suntec Singapore..

It was by a stroke of words that Isa and I went on a playdate with my cousin W and his son J to Alive Museum on last Wednesday.

My angel.

Mr Van Gogh staring at us. 

My "twins" for the day.
They are born in the same year, 11 months apart and yet they ended up about the size as each other.
The joke of the day was:
Isa, what happened the extra 11month of milk powder you drank?

My little merboy

Hairwash anyone?

Our heros of the day.

The crazy quads of the day.
And I really wonder.. was it really us adults having fun or the kids having fun?

the whirlpool and my drama king.

One of the only decent clearer picture Isa took of me.

Fatty wonderwoman. ah.. Isa, you wanna try carry mama? lol

My lil drama king is really drama.

And somehow the boys just know what to do.. after taking so many pictures.

This was the classic scene from the movie "Up".
One nearly faling off, another one already "flying" in the sky.

And oh my twins again. Not bad having twins it seems.

Closed up of the twinnies.

Dinner with my sis and cousin. 
What a nice way to end the day with the cousins. When was the last time you had dinner with your cousins?

After this, Isa went on to have his "3D2N staycation" at my folk's place and he this time round, he didnt whine or fuss much.
You have grown up my son.
And poof, the holidays is over soon.

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